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2000 Through 2006

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JonBenét Ramsey Case Encyclopedia




February 2000 | Major Article in Brill's Content. Katherine Rosman. JonBenet, Inc

2-16-00 | Getting Away With Murder Movie Broadcast. Getting Away with Murder: The JonBenet Ramsey Mystery (90 minutes), a made-for-TV movie, premiered on this date (details at Broadcast Media/Movies). 

2-25-00 | Nancy Kreb Sex Abuse Revelations. Boulder Daily Camera publishes "DA pursues new Ramsey lead: Hunter asks police to investigate woman’s story of sex abuse."

2-26-00 | Therapist Backs Krebs Sex Abuse Allegations. Boulder Daily Camera publishes "Therapist backs sex-ring claim; Bienkowski: Client gave Boulder police names of people who are witnesses in JonBenet’s death."

2-27-00 Perfect Murder, Perfect Town Movie Broadcast. Perfect Murder, Perfect Town (90 minutes) premiered on this date in theaters nationwide (details at Broadcast Media/Movies). 


March 2000 | Hoffman Defamation Suit. New York attorney Darnay Hoffman "filed suit, again on his own behalf as plaintiff, against defendants {John and Patsy Ramsey} in the Supreme Court of New York, County of New York, for $ 25,000,000 in damages based on the allegation that he was defamed by certain passages in the defendants' Book. (SMF P 353; PSMF P 353.)" (Carnes 2003:41).

3-5-00 | BPD Detectives Fly to California to Interview Krebs' Therapist. Boulder Daily Camera publishes "Ramsey Detectives off to California" reporting that detectives would interview the therapist of the woman (Nancy Krebs) claiming knowledge of the Ramsey case due to her family’s closeness with Ramsey ex-friend Fleet White).

3-9-00 | BPD Detectives Interview Krebs Therapist. Boulder Daily Camera publishes "Boulder police interview therapist."

3-16-00 | McReynolds Denies Killing JBRBill McReynolds released a statement Wednesday saying neither he nor his wife had anything to do with the December 1996 killing of JonBenét Ramsey. He criticized John and Patsy Ramsey for casting suspicion on him in their new book, The Death of Innocence.

3-17-00 | Ramsey's Book Published. John and Patsy Ramsey. The Death of Innocence: The Untold Story of JonBenét’s Murder and How Its Exploitation Compromised the Pursuit of Truth (Hardcover). Authors argue that an intruder did it (details at Books).

3-17-00 | Barbara Walters Interviews Ramseys. In an ABC interview with Barbara Walters, Ramseys profess their innocence.

3-17-00 | Major Newsweek Article. Newsweek Staff. The Intruder TheoryNewsweek, March 19, 2000.


4-10-00 | BPD Press Release: Boulder Police Chief responds to Ramsey-related media questions (Ramsey Update #73) (Webbsleuths forum chat).

4-11-00 | Rubacher Book Published. Richard Rubacher. JonBenét Knows Evil Love (Paperback). Author provides case against John and Patsy Ramsey (details at Books).

4-11-00 | BPD Press Release: Statement from Police Chief Mark Beckner regarding polygraph tests in the Ramsey case (Ramsey Update #74) (Webbsleuths forum chat).

4-17-00 | John Ramsey Lie Detector Test. Gerard Toriello tests on John Ramsey for 3 hours; results inconclusive (Webbsleuths forum chat).

4-17-00 | John and Patsy Ramsey Lie Detector Tests. Gerard Toriello tests on Patsy Ramsey for 4 hours and John Ramsey for 2 hours; results inconclusive (Webbsleuths forum chat).

4-21-00 | Darnay Hoffman dismissed his complaint of March 2000 against John and Patsy Ramsey (Carnes 2003:41).

4-25-00 | BPD Press Release: No Polygraph exams scheduled for John and Patsy Ramsey (Ramsey Update #75) (Webbsleuths forum chat).

4-29-00 | Daily Camera Guest Editorial by Evan Ravitz. Boulder Daily Camera publishes guest editorial by Evan Ravitz: "'Nothing what it seems' in Ramsey case" suggesting the possibility a Boulder sex ring was involved in JBR's death.


5-5-00 | Thomas Book Published. Steve Thomas. JonBenét: Inside the Ramsey Murder Investigation From a Leading Detective on the Case (Hardcover). Author provides case against Patsy Ramsey (details at Books).

5-9-00 | Ramseys Sue Windsor House for Defamation of Burke. Ramseys file suit against Windsor House and authors for publication of A Little Girl's Dream by Eleanor von Duyke and Dwight Wallington in Travis County Texas district court for $11 1/2 million dollars in compensatory and punitive damages for libeling Burke Ramsey.  Formatted for easier reading here WindsorHouse.pdf

5-11-00 | Chris Wolf filed suit against John and Patsy Ramsey alleging "intentional affliction of emotional distress" because he was named in their book and on national TV as a possible suspect in the case (Carnes 2003:44).

5-15-00 | BPD Press Release: Boulder Police end investigation into California woman's [Nancy Krebs] report (Ramsey Update #76) (Webbsleuths forum chat).

5-24-00 | Ramseys Release Polygraph Results. The parents of JonBenet Ramsey released the results of polygraph tests today that they said should remove any suspicion that they were involved in the killing of their 6-year-old daughter.

5-24-00 | BPD Press Release: Statement from Boulder Police Chief Mark Beckner regarding Ramsey news conference (Ramsey Update #77).

5-31-00 | Ramseys and Thomas on Larry King Live. "John and Patsy Ramsey and former Detective Steve Thomas square off on CNN's "Larry King Live." Patsy tells Thomas that he is "going down the wrong path" with allegations that she killed JonBenet in an "explosive encounter" over a bed-wetting incident" (Daily Camera case timeline).


6-15-00 | Chris Wolf amends his 5/11/00 suit against Ramseys to add claims for libel and slander (Carnes 2003:45).

8-28-00 | Ramsey interviews with Michael Kane (Atlanta, GA).


July 2000 | Hodges Book Published. Andrew G. Hodges. Who Will Speak for JonBenét? A New Investigator Reads Between the Lines. Author provides case against Patsy Ramsey (details at Books).


8-1-00 | BPD Press Release: Boulder Police Chief responds to questions about 1997 sexual assault case (Ramsey Update #78) (Webbsleuths forum chat).

8-15-01 | JonBenet Ramsey Children's Foundation Year 1999 Form 990 Filed.

8-28-00 | Investigative Reports Jonbenet: Anatomy Of An Investigation Documentary Broadcast. A&E (60 minutes). This documentary, directed by Lawrence Schiller, premiered on this date (details at Broadcast Media).

8-29-00 | BPD Press Release: Boulder Police Chief comments on Ramsey interviews (Ramsey Update #79) (Webbsleuths forum chat).

8-30-00 | BPD Press Release: Expenses update (Ramsey Update #80) (Webbsleuths forum chat).


10-12-00 | Newseum interview with Ramseys. "Inside Media: Coverage and Controversies with the Ramseys" was an interview/Q&A with journalism students (transcript by Dunvegan at FFJ).

10-19-00 | Major Westword Article. Juliet Wittman. Justice, Boulder Style. In-depth examination of Steve Thomas's role and views about the JBR investigation.


11-14-00 | Douglas Book Published. John E. Douglas and Mark Olshaker. The Cases That Haunt Us: From Jack the Ripper to JonBenét Ramsey, the FBI’s Legendary Mindhunter Sheds Light on the Mysteries That Won’t Go Away (hardcover) (details at Books).

11-15-00 | Thomas Book Published. Steve Thomas. JonBenét: Inside the Ramsey Murder Investigation From a Leading Detective on the Case (Paperback). Author provides case against Patsy Ramsey (details at Books).




1-1-01 | Ramsey Book Released in Paperback. John and Patsy Ramsey. The Death of Innocence (Paperback) (details at Books).


2-20-01 | Burglar Assaults John Ramsey at Atlanta House. Police report (Scribd).


3-29-01 | The Ramseys file an $80 million libel and defamation lawsuit against Thomas and unidentified officers at the Boulder Police Department. Attorneys for Thomas subsequently agreed to an undisclosed settlement in the case (Daily Camera case timeline).


4-30-01 | Katie Couric Interviews Lou Smit on Today Show. Part 1: An Intruder Killed JonBenet.

4-30-01 | BPD Press Release: Chief Mark Beckner responds to media questions
about Lou Smit's television appearance (Ramsey Update #81) (Webbsleuths forum chat).


5-1-01 | Katie Couric Interviews Lou Smit on Today Show. Part 2: The Killer Used a Stun Gun..

5-1-01 | BPD Press Release: Expenses update (Ramsey Update #82) (Webbsleuths forum chat).

5-2-01 | Katie Couric Interviews Lou Smit on Today Show. Part 3: JonBenet Was Strangled..

5-3-01 | Katie Couric Interviews Lou Smit on Today Show. Part 4: Ransom Note Points to Intruder..

5-4-01 | Katie Couric Interviews Lou Smit on Today Show. Part 5: For JonBenet and For the Case.

5-30-01 | Arndt Trial Begins. New York Times reports that a lawsuit by Linda Arndt, the first detective to arrive at the house where JonBenet Ramsey was found dead in 1996, has gone to trial in Denver. She is seeking damages from Chief Mark Beckner; his predecessor, Tom Koby; and the city for barring her from publicly challenging media reports that suggested she was responsible for problems in the investigation.


August 2001 | Walker Book Published. John H. Walker. JonBenét Ramsey: The Travesty of Innocence-Now Hear the Truth. Author provides case against John and Patsy Ramsey (details at Books).

8-17-01 | JonBenet Ramsey Children's Foundation Year 2000 Form 990 Filed. Signature line and date are masked; 8-17 is date this form arrived in Ogden, UT. The 1999 form was filed 8-15-99.


10-3-01 | BPD Press Release: Boulder Police determine that online [Jazzy] "confession" to Ramsey murder was hoax (Ramsey Update #83) (Webbsleuths forum chat).


12-1-01 | Douglas Book Released in Paperback. John Douglas. The Cases That Haunt Us: From Jack the Ripper to JonBenét Ramsey, the FBI’s Legendary Mindhunter Sheds Light on the Mysteries That Won’t Go Away (Paperback) (details at Books).

12-17-01 | BPD Press Release: Police mark fifth anniversary of investigation (Ramsey Update #84) (Webbsleuths forum chat).

12-17-01 | BPD Press Release: Ramsey Expense Memo (Webbsleuths forum chat).




February, 2002 | Patsy Ramsey Cancer Recurs. Family attorney says doctors have diagnosed a recurrence of ovarian cancer in Patsy Ramsey. She was first diagnosed in 1993 (Kirk Mitchell timeline).


3-12-02 | Holmes & Holmes Book Published.  Robert M. Holmes and Stephen T. Holmes. Profiling Violent Crimes: An Investigative Tool (Paperback). Includes a chapter on JonBenet Ramsey case, including an analysis of the ransom note(details at Books)

3-28-02 | McMenamin Book Published. Gerald R. McMenamin and Dongdoo Choi. Forensic Linguistics: Advances in Forensic Stylistics. Includes a chapter that concludes Patsy did not write the RN (details at Books)


9-2-02 | "Santa" Bill McReynolds Dies. (acandyrose.com: Mrs. Brady Archive). 


12-20-02 | BPD Press Release: Ramsey Investigation Takes New Direction (Ramsey Update #85) (Webbsleuths forum chat).

12-26-02 | Mary Keenan New Boulder DA. New District Attorney Mary Keenan (now Mary Lacy) takes over investigation from Boulder Police Department (Daily Camera case timeline).




3-31-03 | Judge Julie Carnes Ruling in Chris Wolf Libel Suit. Federal district judge Julie Carnes issues 93-page ruling in which she dismisses a libel-slander lawsuit brought against the Ramseys by Boulder journalist Chris Wolf, concluding that Wolf had failed to prove that Patsy Ramsey had killed JonBenét (Brennan 2003); the judge says that evidence in the suit is "more consistent with a theory that an intruder murdered JonBenet than it was with a theory that Mrs. Ramsey did"(Daily Camera case timeline).


4-7-03 | Mary Keenan Statement on Carnes Opinion. Boulder DA Mary Keenan issues statement: "I agree with the Court's conclusion that "the weight of the evidence is more consistent with a theory that an intruder murdered JonBenét than it is with a theory that Mrs. Ramsey did so." (Webbsleuths forum chat).


5-20-03 | Delmar England Open Letter to Boulder DA Mary Keenan. Amateur sleuth writes a lengthy detailed rebuttal of intruder evidence and challenges Lou Smit's claim that the garrote was sophisticated; England argues that all evidence points to the Ramseys as the crime scene and RN are clearly staged. 


6-4-03 | BPD Press Release: Unlawful e-mails sent under Chief Beckner's name (Ramsey Update #86) (Webbsleuths forum chat).

6-23-03 | "Investigator Tom Bennett starts work at Lacy's office, where he will work on the investigation 20 to 30 hours a week" (Daily Camera case timeline).


December 2003 | DNA Entered into CODISDA Lacy confirms that DNA from a spot of blood from JonBenet's underwear has been entered into the FBI's national database. The DNA, which investigators said is from a male who is not a member of the Ramsey family, is the "single-most important piece of evidence in the case, " Ramsey attorney L. Lin Wood says (Daily Camera case timeline).




2-1-04 | Davis Book Published Walter A. Davis. An Evening with JonBenet Ramsey. Author presents a Ramseys-did-it theory in fictional form (details at Books). 


May 2004 | FFJ Asks for Special Prosecutor. "Staff of Gov. Bill Owens meets with group, Forums for Justice, that wants a special prosecutor appointed in the case" (Denver Post timeline).


6-4-04 | The Ramseys’ attorney says DNA found in JonBenet’s underwear did not match any of 1. 5 million samples in an FBI database of convicted violent offenders (Denver Post timeline).

6-14-04 | Who Killed the Pageant Queen? The Prime Suspect Documentary Broadcast (50 minutes). This video is the third part of the Michael Tracey /David Mills documentary trilogy, focusing on the police. It was broadcast in UK on this date (ITV) and in the U.S. on Court TV (details at Broadcast Media).


8-3-04 | John Ramsey Loses House Primary Challenge. John Ramsey finishes second among six candidates in GOP primary to be elected to Michigan House (Kirk Mitchell timeline).




1-6-05 | Case of Ramseys v. Fox News Dismissed. United States District Judge Phillip S. Figa issued the opinion.


8-29-05 | Kolar Named DA's Leader Investigator. "Former Telluride town marshal Jim Kolar named the Boulder County district attorney's lead investigator in the case" (Denver Post timeline).




2-1-06 | Ramseys Check Case Status. "John and Patsy Ramsey meet with Lacy in Boulder to "check in" on the status of the investigation" (Daily Camera case timeline).


3-24-06 | Tom Bennett New DA Chief Investigator. Former BPD chief investigator Tom Bennett expected to replace Jim Kolar as DA chief investigator on JBR case (Brennan 2006)


6-21-06 | Articles of Incorporation Filed for Patsy Ramsey Ovarian Cancer Foundation, Inc. 

6-24-06 | Patsy Ramsey Dies. Patsy Ramsey dies in Roswell, GA at 49 after a long battle with ovarian cancer. Family lawyer Lin Wood said she had fought hard to stay alive because she wanted to see the person who killed her 6-year-old daughter captured (Daily Camera case timeline).


7-6-06 | The Investigators: JonBenet: Anatomy of a Cold Case Documentary Broadcast. CourtTV (60 minutes). This documentary, directed by Lawrence Schiller, premiered on this date (details at Broadcast Media).


8-16-06 | Karr Arrested. Arrest warrant sent by Boulder authorities to Thai police and a suspect, teacher John Mark Karr, is arrested in Bangkok, Thailand. The Boulder DA's Office says the arrest followed a several-month investigation during which John and Patsy Ramsey had been consulted (Daily Camera case timeline).

8-17-06 | Karr tells reporters he was “with Jon-Benet when she died,” but that “her death was an accident” (The Denver Channel timeline).

8-20-06 | Karr returns to the United States (The Denver Channel timeline).

8-21-06 | Decorum Order. Roxanne Bailin, Chief Judge, 20th Judicial District issues decorum order regarding media conduct during legal proceedings related to John Mark Karr.

8-22-06 | Karr waives extradition hearing in Los Angeles courtroom and agrees to go to Colorado (The Denver Channel timeline).

8-24-06 | Karr Arrives in Boulder. Karr arrives in Colorado, prosecutors acknowledge the case is still in its “early stages.”

8-26-06 | No DNA Match. DNA tests show that Karr is not a match for the DNA evidence in JonBenet's underwear (The Denver Channel timeline).

8-28-06 | Karr Charges Dropped. Lacy announces that DNA tests show Karr's genetic profile does not match the unidentified male DNA found in JonBenet's underwear, and abandons plans to prosecute him in the girl's death. He is re-arrested the same day and faces extradition to Sonoma County, Calif., on child pornography charges (Daily Camera case timeline).


10-5-06 | Karr Child Pornography Case Dropped. The Sonoma County, Calif., child pornography case against Karr is dismissed due to a lack of evidence (Daily Camera case timeline).

10-11-06 | Major Village Voice Article. Alan Prendergast. Made for Each Other is an-depth report on Michael Tracey and his various documentaries about the case.


12-5-06 | The Killing of JonBenét: An Evil Twist Documentary BroadcastChannel 4 (UK) (50 minutes). Produced by Michael Chrisman and David Mills, this documentary premiered on this date (details at Broadcast Media).

12-12-06 | Dresbold & Kwalwasser Book Published. Michelle Dresbold and James Kwalwasser. Sex, Lies and Handwriting. Includes a chapter analyzing RN (details at Books).  


2007 Through Today

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