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Acquaintance Intruder Theories

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Acquaintance Sexual Predators


Acquaintance Pedophile Stalkers

  • Erotomania is another possible motivation. Suspects have included John Mark Karr, Randy Simons and the as-yet-unidentified assailant of a 14 year old who attended the same dance studio as JBR.


Alleyway Boogieman

  • In Steve Thomas's book (p. 140) he states: "One of Father Rol's parishioners claimed he came across a crazed-looking man standing beside a truck behind the Ramsey house, holding some white cord and a stick and grunting, "You can't have her. She's mine." This homeless man was investigated.
  • Details are at acandyrose.com.


Arapahoe Suspect

The Arapahoe Suspect Theory

  • Internet poster Jameson claimed on December 10, 2001 that she had provided DNA samples on 3 "reasonable suspects." Details are at acandyrose.com


"Amy" Attacker (Ninja Guy)

The "Amy" Attacker Theory


Incriminating Evidence Against the "Amy" Attacker

  • * 14-Year Old Dancer. "Nine months after the slaying of JonBenet Ramsey, a girl who attended the same dance studio as the young beauty queen and lived just two miles away was assaulted in her bed by an intruder while her mother slept nearby." Possible similarities to the JBR killing include:
  1. Attended Same Dance Studio. Girl performed at same dance studio as JBR took lessons: Dance West. Thus perp may have seen both girls at the same location.
  2. Public Performances. Like JBR, Amy had performed in several public functions in Boulder in the year before her death, giving the perp another potential opportunity or motive for targeting her.
  3. Close Proximity in Space and Time to JBR Killing. Amy lived 2 miles from Ramseys and the assault occurred on Sept. 14, 1997, only 9 months after JBR died.
  4. Ease of Entry May Denote Prior Experience. "He was like a ghost," recalls Amy's father. "We couldn't figure out where he came from, or where he went." "By the time the Boulder police arrived, the man was long gone. Because the intruder had gotten in and out of the house so easily, Amy's father began to think this wasn't the first time he had done something like this."
  5. Family Away When Perp Entered House. The family was out of the house from late afternoon on the eve of the crime, until after dark. "That night, Amy's father was out of town. After catching a movie, Amy and her mother returned home late. What they didn't know when they entered the house was that there was already an intruder inside" (CBS News).
  6. Perp Waited 4-6 Hours Before Entering Bedroom. The intruder may have waited at least four hours before entering Amy's second-floor bedroom. "Amy's father, who asked that his identity be obscured, agreed to talk about what happened that night: "My feeling is he got into the house while they were out and hid inside the house, so he would have been in there for perhaps four to six hours, hiding" (CBS News).
  7. Sexual Assault Occurred at Night While Parent Sleeping. The perp found Amy in bed and assaulted her in the house while mother was sleeping. "Before going to bed, Amy's mother turned on the burglar alarm. Around midnight, Amy woke up to find a man standing over her bed, his hand over her mouth. "She remembered the intruder addressing her by her name," says Peterson. "He said, 'I know who you are.' He repeated those things a few times, apparently. 'I'll knock you out. Shut up.'" (CBS News).
  8. Sexual Assault Included Digital Penetration and Oral Sex. Amy was sexually assaulted by penetration of finger or object and orally.


Exculpatory Evidence Favoring the "Amy" Attacker

  • Age Discrepancy. Pedophiles typically focus on victims of similar age. Normally, a pedophile whose interest was in 6 year olds would not be particularly interested in 14-year-olds.
  • No "Personal" RN Left in Amy Attack. This theory does not explain the ransom note containing "personal" language directed at John Ramsey; no similar ransom note was found in the "Amy" case, although it is not clear how things would have turned out had the mother not interrupted the attack. "Peterson says Amy's mother heard whispering, and proceeded through the doorway, and saw a person, who just brushed her aside and quickly made his escape by jumping out a second-floor window" (CBS News).


Cowboy Boots Intruder

Sometime in the fall of 1996, the Ramseys found an unknown suitcase and cowboy boots in JonBenet's bedroom at their summer house in Charlevoix, Michigan; evidently that person had been sleeping in JonBenet's bed. Details at acandyrose.com.


John Gardiner

Gardiner was a homeless man who was working at Pasta Jay's Restaurant, owned by Jay Elowsky, who is a close friend and business partner of John Ramsey. Gardiner was arrested on June 10, 1999 for attempting to stab Jay Elowsky with a knife. See Webbsleuths.com forum for further discussion.


John Mark Karr


Randy Simons

The Randy Simons Theory

  • One possible such suspect is Randy Simons, a photographer who had taken pictures of JBR and who behaved strangely following her death. See Webbsleuths.com forum for further discussion.


Street Santa

The Street Santa Theory

  • Private investigator Brenda Sierean "believes the killer is a street or mall Santa who JonBenet met — and is also a hunter or trapper. Sieren sent her study to retired Colorado homicide cop Lou Smit, for years a lead detective on the JonBenet case. Smit found it so compelling he interviewed Sieren, then hand-delivered her information to Boulder D.A. Mary Lacy."

Incriminating Evidence Against Street Santa

Exculpatory Evidence Favoring Street Santa



Pedophile Sex Ring

Pedophile Sex Ring Theories

  • Singular Theory. Some believe there was a pedophile sex ring operating in Boulder and that this best explains what happens. Stephen Singular has probably best-articulated the possibilities in a book (Singular 1999).
  • Ravitz Petition to Grand Jury. A citizen activist named Evan Ravitz unsuccessfully petitioned to present this theory to the Boulder Grand Jury.; a version of this letter with live links to supporting documents is here. In it, he claims "I have information about a probable pedophile in a very high position in Boulder who may have had means and motive to derail the investigation. I am a 21-year resident of Boulder, voted "Best Activist" by readers of the Boulder Daily Camera. My friend Dr. Robert McFarland, a retired physician and co-founder of Boulder's Parenting Place, has similarly been denied the chance to present what he's learned from treating, autopsying, and advocating for abused and other children for 38 years here."
    • This request was denied by Alex Hunter and Michael Kane.
    • Ravitz appealed to Judge Roxanne Bailin and this too was denied
  • McFarland Petition to Grand Jury Rejected.  Dr. Robert McFarland, a retired physician and co-founder of Boulder's Parenting Place, separately petitioned to GJ to speak on the matter: "The recent news story that members of the Children of God cult are living in Boulder County went on to relate that they returned the Parent of the Year award because ex-members of the cult exposed them. I enclose an article I published about this group in 1994. I want to testify about these issues to the grand jury. I also want to suggest that they question the FBI as to why the Bureau didn't respond quickly as they usually do when a ransom note from a foreign faction id discovered. Bill Tidyman, a retired FBI agent, told me that the Bureau usually waits 24 hours after a child disappears before entering the case, but when there is a suggestion of foreign terrorists the response is immediate. The FBI's very tiny response to the Ramsey ransom note needs elucidation and analysis." 
  • Nancy Krebs Revelations. Nancy Krebs is a 37-year-old California woman who was brought forward by Boulder attorney Lee Hill. Krebs claims she has suffered a lifetime of sexual and physical abuse, beginning at age 3. Her specific claims were reported by Daily Camera:
    • "The woman has described to police years of sexual and physical abuse in California homes at the hands of adults who stayed at holiday and other parties after other guests had left for the evening. Then, she said, another "party," one of sexual abuse for the gratification of a select group of adults, would begin."
    • "the woman draws parallels between sexual techniques used at these sessions and the physical evidence of garroting that investigators found on the body of JonBenét Ramsey. The woman told detectives she believes JonBenét was killed accidentally when an asphyxiation technique used to stimulate an orgasmic response during a child sex and porno "party" went too far."
    • "The woman told police she knows firsthand about asphyxiation (choking) to produce a sexual response because it had been done to her when she was a child. The woman said in her experience little girls were dressed provocatively and trained to say provocative things, such as, "It's a pleasure to please you."
    • "She told police that when girls did not perform as expected, they were struck on the head. That was because their hair covered the wound. A big night for such "parties" was Christmas night, she said. Over the years, she said, many parties were held then because a large number of cars around a house did not arouse suspicion in the neighborhood and the children had a full week to heal from their wounds before returning to school."
    • Credibility of Krebs Claims.  
  • Internet Poster Theories. In some theories, it is presumed that certain family members were aware of this sex ring and perhaps even enabled its operation (see Alex Constantine's theory and Aussiesheila's posts #6 and #14 as examples). 
  • Snuff Film Theory. Others believe JBR was killed as part of a "snuff film" for hire, but there is no evidence of snuff films in general much less any evidence of such a film on the Internet. The sheer notoriety of JBR's death makes it improbable that someone would not have tried to "cash in" on the commercial value of such a film by trying to make it more broadly available than to the client who ordered it.


Evidence in Favor of Pedophile Sex Ring Theory

  • Ravitz Petition to Grand Jury. Ravitz has never publicly revealed the identity of a "probable pedophile in a very high position in Boulder" nor the evidence that supports his belief that this individual was connected with JBR's killing. However, he has:
    • Documented repeated failed efforts to get his evidence in front of the JBR Grand Jury. 
    • Documented that Boulder Daily Camera excised the following from an guest editorial of Ravitz's published in 4.29.2000: "Tom Wickman made another curious comment to Dr. McFarland and I, and independently to Stephen Singular, author of "Presumed Guilty: An Investigation into the JonBenet Ramsey Case, the Media, and the Culture of Pornography" (on page 217). Tom said that once he was "getting close" to arresting a Boulder City Council member, but had been told to "back off." Since Tom was legally prohibited from giving us any clues about the Ramsey investigation, I feel he was repeatedly drawing an analogy, by way of saying that he'd heard the pedophile-coverup story before and had been told to back off from investigating that." 
  • Freed Presentations to Police and FBIDonald Freed is a Visiting Distinguished Professor of Humanities at Loyola Marymount University and also teaches at the University of Southern California. In a 2.15.99 radio interview Freed highlights two significant puzzles that suggest an order was quickly given to the FBI to stand down in the JBR case even though it was a purported kidnapping by a self-described group that could have been viewed as terrorists and over which FBI normally would have had jurisdiction:
    • FBI Jurisdiction Over Kidnappings.  Freed alludes to the Lindbergh law as the source of FBI jurisdictional authority over kidnappings. He states further: "they [FBI] base their budget on few traditional areas such as grand theft auto; interstate offense of all kinds; and KIDNAPPING. And in kidnapping, they have written the book. They have special training. They are defined by their handling of kidnapping and they operate in what is called "rebuttable presumption". That means that if someone disappears and the FBI considers it an interesting, challenging, or worthwhile case; they intervene on the theory of "rebuttable presumption": that it could be presumed that federal laws have been broken and that the FBI, until instructed otherwise, WILL TAKE CONTROL.  IN THE CASE WHERE THERE IS A RANSOM NOTE---THAT TRIGGERS THE FBI's JURISDICTION. And this is a well-oiled machine of many decades standing. When it goes into action the local police are pushed into the periphery."
    • Lockheed Protocol for Dealing with Terrorist Kidnappings. "This [JBR] was a child of a Lockheed Martin executive of a $18 billion a year firm with Pentagon and top secret clearance across the world. With this huge multi-million dollar security apparatus that exists for that day that any member of a family of a corporate executive; any member, wife, child of corporate executive's family should be kidnapped; they go into overdrive. That's when they earn their money and it’s when they face the CEO's in Denver, and that's where they say "here's where Lockheed Martin stands: your children can or cannot go to school; your wives can or cannot go to the market". An entire protocol unfolds. The interface between the head of Lockheed Martin Security and the FBI is elaborate and its interlocking and its complete. So the two units, in the Boulder Area, are trained to react to an act of terrorism, like kidnapping, are Lockheed Martin Security on one hand and the FBI on the other. Now, NOBODY FROM EITHER TWO OF THESE UNITS CAME NEAR THAT CRIME SCENE and the question is as in the case of Sherlock Holme's [sic] dog that didn't bark. What you're looking at here is SOMETHING THAT IS SO IRREGULAR; SO IMPOSSIBLE, because remember, the SOG, the seat of government operates in this regard. Every year the Director of the FBI must go before Congress. Is it conceivable to you, doctor, that the head of the FBI could go before a Congressional committee and be asked why the FBI had not involved itself in terrorists who announce themselves?!"
    • VP of Lockheed Martin Security Testimonial. Freed further claims: "I must tell you finally that Norm Early who had been the district attorney of Denver and was the vice-president of Lockheed Martin Security at the time of the murder of Jon Benet. I interviewed him at the time. He's a fascinating man---- extremely intelligent. And he said to me finally, "You know I had a six year-old son and we have a security protocol and that letter threatened other executives. Where was the security? Where were the bodyguards? Where was the protocol? Where was the alert; the drill; the routine; the regimen that we so carefully shared and worked on at Lockheed Martin? Not a word. Not a sound. Not a telephone call."
      • So, he began to call executives and lawyers and others and said, "Why wasn't my family alerted? What happened?" And they said to him, "Well, there was no threat" And he said, "How do you know that?" They said, "Well, I don't know. We just knew". And he said, "Well, think about it and I want an answer!" The next day he talked to some of these people and reported to me that they said, "You know we stayed awake all night wrestling with the question----agonizing with it. And you know you're right. How did we know that the (ransom note) was a hoax immediately? We might have known it in a day or two, or a week or two. But how do we know until this day?
      • To this day there has been no arrest. To this day we know that there was a murder and that there was a note left stating that foreign agents were involved." 
    • Why Stand Down Order Given. "For the Director of the FBI in Washington, D.C. to restrain and stand down his own agents in the field; both the local office in Boulder and the bigger one in Denver or Lockheed Martin and their agents, without going to the crime scene, and being able to reassure their CEO's in Denver that they can stand down; their children can go to the park; their wives can go to the bridge club;----for these assurances to be made on which careers and budgets and lifetimes depend, there can only be one answer. They had to know, not only were there no foreign terrorists, but they had to know BEYOND A SHADOW OF A DOUBT that what happened neither affected the security of the United States of America or the security and profits of Lockheed Martin. That this was a domestic personal aberational [sic] crime of some kind or in any case a crime which, though located inside a home, may have repercussions outside in terms of circles of people who would not want investigations going on about child pornography, child abuse, or child sexuality." 


Evidence Against the Pedophile Sex Ring Theory

  • Ravitz Petition to Grand Jury. Alex Hunter denied this petition for three reasons: 
    • Child Pornography in Boulder. "Your request discusses the existence of child pornography in Boulder County and suggests that there may be a link between that and the death of JonBenet Ramsey. You have not identified any nexus between that and the murder of JonBenet. Ramsey, nor any reason to conclude that there might be one. Further, to the extent that one could possibly exist, you have no personal knowledge of any facts, apparently, to make the connection."
    •  FBI Role. "In addition, you have stated that the grand jury should investigate the response of the FBI to the initial report that JonBenet was kidnaped by a foreign faction. This is not a proper subject for the grand jury to explore. Their mission is to determine, if possible, who killed the child. A review of the FBI's role in the investigation would not further that goal, and would be more appropriately addressed to the United States Department of Justice Inspector General's Office. "
    • City Attorney Suspect.  "you state that you wish to inform the grand jury that a former city attorney in Boulder might have been in possession of child pornography in 1991, that he might have ad a motive to protect others in the city who engage in the same activity and he might have been consulted and presumably have steered authorities away from a child pornography connection. You surmise this because Alex Hunter, the District Attorney, was not available to be consulted in the early days of the investigation. You offer no evidence to connect any of this chain of speculation together."
  • Nancy Krebs Testimony. According to Boulder Daily Camera, "Police Chief Mark Beckner 

    said  "Though our detectives did not find her to be credible, we are taking what she said seriously."
  • Snuff Film Theory. There is no evidence of a JBR snuff film in general much less any evidence of such a film on the Internet. The sheer notoriety of JBR's death makes it improbable that someone would not have tried to "cash in" on the commercial value of such a film by trying to make it more broadly available than to the client who ordered it.



Acquaintance Serial Killers


Annie Muss Suspect

The Annie Muss Theory

  • Annie Muss was an Internet poster who posted briefly in mid-2003 claiming to know the killer. S/he answered a number of detailed questions about the perp's characteristics (young, strong, lived near Ramseys) and then ended the discussion by saying: "I have been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. The most frustrating thing is I understand my condition, but I still believe I lived in Boulder in 1996, contrary to where my friends and family tell me I was. Because of my awareness regarding my condition I must tell you that there is a possibility that what I say is a delusion, but if it helps, I still believe it is the truth. I feel badly for lying to all of you. The experiment is over."
  • Means. "I believe he used a baseball bat, this was his weapon of choice in other arenas."
  • Motive. "There was much to his motive, but we’ll leave it at an expression of freewill accompanied by an overwhelming desire to plot and commit a notorious crime."
  • Opportunity. He lived more than 1 mile and less than 4 from Ramseys and had a car. Five days a week he was within a quarter mile of the Ramsey’s home.


Incriminating Evidence Against Annie Muss

  • The full exchange of emails posted by Annie Muss is at jonbenetindexguide.com.


Exculpatory Evidence Favoring Annie Muss


Bob Enyart

The Bob Enyart Theory

This theory has been laid out by Timothy Charles Holmseth who describes Enyart as a serial satanic killer. Enyart is the pastor of the Denver Bible Church, founder of ShadowGov and a Denver radio personality who recently was under investigation by the FBI. According to Holmseth's account, "Danielle and Curtis Kekoa, Northglenn, Colorado, are former members of Enyart’s church, and among the witnesses being interviewed by the FBI.


Incriminating Evidence Against Enyart

  • "Enyart has never denied the widely published accusations against him or offered to clear himself by providing a DNA swab. His silence in the matter is completely out of his character."
  • "Enyart and members of his inner circle interjected themselves into the case and authored a 2,900 word theory on the child’s murder entitled “The Clue That Breaks The Case.” The composition reads like a legal indictment of John and Patsy Ramsey and is published online. Enyart’s detailed investigative analysis, as well as full programs dedicated to the subject on his radio show Bob Enyart Live, contains startling accusations and statements regarding the child’s murder. Enyart has shown no hesitancy when subjecting himself to a possible defamation lawsuit by categorically stating John Ramsey is a child molester that sexually assaulted his daughter." Yet John Ramsey has never sued Enyart nor mentioned his name, which Holmseth believes implies that Ramseys were being blackmailed by Enyart. 
  • According to Holmseth, "if the Ramsey’s and Enyart knew each other, the amount of John Ramsey’s bonus could have been information Enyart had access to. Enyart could have diabolically and strategically placed the dollar amount in the note – knowing investigators would eventually learn it matched the amount of John Ramsey’s bonus – thus implicating the Ramsey’s."
  • Holmseth also argues "On the other hand – if the Ramsey’s were being blackmailed, they could have written the ransom note to point law enforcement in the direction of an intruder, which may have been the closest they could come to telling the truth without actually naming Enyart." 

Exculpatory Evidence Favoring Enyart

  • Holmseth has offered no evidence that Enyart even personally knew the Ramseys much less had a grudge against them. 
  • The sole basis for this accusation are the claims of Danielle and Curtis Kekoa. There is no forensic evidence linking Enyart to the killing. 


"Candy Cane Man"

The "Candy Cane Man" Theory

This individual has one of the original candy canes from the Ramsey yard in Boulder; he took the candy cane a week after the murder. Details at acandyrose.com. See Webbsleuths forum chat for discussion. 


Incriminating Evidence Against "Candy Cane Man"

  • Confessed to Stealing Ramsey Candy Cane 1 Week After Murder. "There is one man, who investigators refer to as the "Candy Cane Man," who had one of the decorative candy canes that lined the Ramsey's front walk on the night of the murder. He says he removed the item a week after the murder "because it was there." (CBS News).
  • Candy Canes Missing the Day JBR Body Discovered. "But it turns out that some of the canes were missing the next day, when JonBenet's body was discovered" (CBS News).
  • JBR Obsession? "Investigators fear they may have been taken by the killer or killers as a bizarre souvenir –- which led to this man, who admitted he once had an obsession with JonBenet, and built a shrine to her that he now keeps on his computer.
  • Serial Killer Obsession? "He also has a fascination with infamous killers, particularly serial killer John Wayne Gacy." (CBS News).


Exculpatory Evidence Regarding "Candy Cane Man"

  • No DNA Match. "This year [2005], he voluntarily gave investigators a DNA sample, and was cleared when it didn't match the Ramsey crime scene DNA."


Disgruntled Access Graphics Worker

Bud & Sandra Henderson

 Each owed Access Graphics $118,000. See acandyrose.com for details. Discussion at Webbsleuths forum chat.


Jeff & Kathy Merrick

The Jeff Merrick Theory

This possibility is discussed here and here. Jeff Merrick, a former friend of John Ramsey's, was once thought a suspect, but apparently was in Louisville on the night JBR was killed. Merrick was investigated by BPD; a fuller account is in this radio interview (mp3 audio file transcribed by acandyrose.com). John Ramsey also raised suspicions about Jeff’s wife, Kathy (not employed by Access Graphics).

Motivation. Internet poster [Deb (post #1207) suggested Merrick was angry about being fired in 1996 because they could not justify his salary, yet John received an $118,000 bonus that year; she believes this gave Merrick the strongest motive among those being considered. Schiller (1999) also claims that Merrick was in a dispute with Access Graphics over a monetary amount that approximated $118,000, but Merrick has explicitly denied this.




Incriminating Evidence Against Jeff Merrick

  • Internet poster Deb (post #1207) has provided the following list of incriminating evidence regarding Merrick:
  1. Threats Against John. Merrick once stated that he was going to bring John down.
  2. $118,000 Ransom. He would have know about the $118,000 from CFO Tom who he was still friends with
  3. Helgoth Connection. Merrick possibly hired Helgoth to kidnap and kill JBR, and then killed Helgoth to shut him up.
  4. Refused Lie Detector. Merrick also refused to take a lie detector test (Schiller 1999:127; quote and source provided by Internet poster ClearingHaze).
  5. Bible Verse. Bible verse's regarding a someone they considered a friend turning on them - this would fit Merrick.


Exculpatory Evidence Favoring Jeff Merrick

  • Alibi. "On the afternoon of Tuesday, December 31, Detectives Patterson and Weinheimerinterviewed Merrick at his home in Louisville [Colorado], just fifteen minutes from the Ramseys' house. Merrick told the police that he and his wife, Kathy, had spent Christmas with Kathy's brother-in-law in Aurora and in the afternoon had visited their friends Dick and Dianne Foote. The Merricks went home at about 8:00 and watched TV until they went to bed." (Schiller 1999:67; quote and source provided by Internet poster ClearingHaze).
  • Internet poster Deb (post #1207) has provided the following list of exculpatory evidence regarding Merrick and a possible accomplice:
  1. They probably would not have been aware of the backstairs being the primary stairway.
  2. They would not have been able to have get JBR downstairs unless she was sleeping, because it's unlikely she would have gone anywhere with a stranger. Deb does not believe JBR was stunned in her room.
  3. They would not have known the dog was gone, but may not even have been aware that they had a dog.
  4. For whatever reason,reasons we are not aware of, Thomas doesn't think there is a chance Merrick was involved.


Gary Merriman 

Merriman was Access Graphics VP of Human Resources, whom John Ramsey called on the morning of 12-26-96 to report that JBR had been kidnapped. Police subsequently interviewed Merriman and took handwriting samples. "After his seventh handwriting sample, Merriman felt he'd written enough to fill the Library of Congress. "If you need more, come back with handcuffs," Merriman told the detectives. That was when they said they didn't think he'd killed JonBenet but that he might have written the note" (Schiller 2000:127).


Other Disgruntled Access Graphics Employees


Other Individuals Seeking Revenge


Disgruntled Lockheed Martin VP


Disgruntled Access Graphics Competitor

The Disgruntled Access Graphics Competitor Theory

  • Internet poster Athena has suggested "I believe that SBTC may stand for Small Business Technology Coalition. It was founded in 1995 by Mariann Hamm to pull together small businesses in order to better compete with larger companies in the industry. Even Microsoft joined this forum. As I've mentioned before I also believe that what happened to JBR was spurred by the recent Access Graphics announcement and following are my reasons. I've also linked to articles that were released in mid-1996 referring to this coalition: SBTC and I also work in the industry."

Motivation. "OK – I am still trying to piece all of this together in my head. My line of thinking is that someone was really angry with John and the Access Graphics Company and with the press release about them hitting the $1B mark just triggered the events that were to take place. This person may have seen his entire revenue base disappear -- maybe even to the point of bankruptcy or close to it and JR may not have even been aware of the fact that he have unknowingly slighted someone that had been in direct competition of Access Graphics."


"I think it may have been someone already in a small business environment that was holding its own say against companies like Access Graphics -- but with the boom of the internet those small companies started disappearing (much like mom and pop shops of today) because they just could not compete in a market that had the sophistication of the kind of networking needed to offer their customers technology needed to grow in this rapidly expanding industry."


"SUN is one of the largest global companies that was able to provide those needs and Access Graphics had a partnership with them and were able to offer the kinds of servers and back-end security needed based on UNIX. Even Microsoft back then was unable to meet those demands during this initial startup because they just did not have the engineering sophistication and operating software necessary to compete with these UNIX based servers and that lack of engineering sophistication greatly hurt small businesses trying to compete in this industry."


Athena has suggested additional reading that may be found here; here; and here.


"'Sun remains king of the hill, despite the fact that its top-end E10000 "Starfire" server has been on the market for two years. The Palo Alto, Calif.-based company was in the right place at the right time, focusing on Unix servers just as corporations began embracing the online medium and at a time when HP, Compaq and IBM were hedging their bets on Microsoft’s rival Windows NT server operating system. But the latter simply couldn't catch up with Unix quickly enough and ironically now faces competition from Linux'" (source).


Disgruntled Law Enforcement

The Disgruntled Law Enforcement Theory

  • Some argue that the perp must have been in law enforcement in order to successfully stage the crime.
  • Pugh Theory. One well-articulated theory along these lines, although it does not point to a particular suspect, is Donald Pugh's analysis which identifies a middle-aged white female as the most likely suspect. See also Liam1306's posts as another example of a perp who may have been in law enforcement.


Disgruntled Teen

The Disgruntled Teen Theory

John Douglas Theory.  According to John Douglas in The Cases That Haunt Us, the killer of JonBenét Ramsey was a white male, relatively young, who held a personal grudge against John Ramsey and sought to attack him personally by attacking his daughter. He broke into the house carrying the stun gun, the duct tape and the cord, planning to incapacitate her and molest her. The ransom note was probably a spur of the moment idea that occurred to him after he entered the house. He would have been bold and foolhardy enough to sneak into the house and lie in wait and too unsophisticated to know how difficult a child abduction is. The molestation may have been a kind of sexual experimentation. Because teenagers tend to fold quickly during questioning by investigators, he may not even have been investigated as a suspect.


Other Theories. Internet poster Victory (post #13) has postulated that the perp "is older yet acquainted with Burke. He may have a sister the age of JonBenét. His father is overbearing; yet, aspires to wealth like John Ramsey. He and his family have lived in Boulder all of his life, and here come the Ramseys, making the headlines, making the big bucks in just a few short years; OUTSIDERS making it good. Just who do they think they are? The Ramseys seem to have it all: fat cats from GA; JonBenét, the Christmas Parade Princess; large candy canes lining their walkway. I’ll show them. I’ll get that little princess and… I’m bored anyway; I’ve been out of school for nine days; I need a thrill; I’ll show my dad just how bad I am, and he’ll never know. My secret will be my power over him, and the Ramseys will no longer be the only “fat cats” in town. I will be “victorious” in more ways than one. S.B.T.C."


Gas Station Man

"A man was reported to have observed me in a gas station, and angrily told the attendant that he had "some unfinished business in Colorado" (Ramsey & Ramsey 2000:362). See acandyrose.com for details.



Glenn Meyer (Barnhill's Boarder)

The Glenn Meyer Theory

Meyer was a boarder living with nearby neighbors, the Barnhills, at the time BR was killed. See acandyrose.com for details. His wife, Charlotte, married Meyer in 1960, only to eventually left him in 1966. The two continued to date on and off in the years following and then remarried before the murder in 1996, and divorced in 2002.


Incriminating Evidence Against Glenn Meyer



Exculpatory Evidence Regarding Glenn Meyer


  • Cleared by BPDAccording to Daily Camera, Glenn Meyer said police requested samples of his handwriting, fingerprints and hair, and asked him to take a lie detector test after the murder. He said he was cleared in January after taking a polygraph test.
  • Never Met JBR. "The Ramseys have not submitted to a polygraph test for police. Cmdr. Beckner would not disclose whether police had asked the Ramseys to take such tests. "I never did meet JonBenet or the mother," Meyer said. "But I can't imagine a mother would do that. (I don't know) why neither one wants to take a lie detector test. The truth is what always comes out."
  • Alibi. When questioned by cops, Meyer’s alibi was that he had stomach flu the night of the murder


Stephen Miles


Alley Housesitter

The Alley Housesitter Theory

  • Who Was the Alley Housesitter? "the house across the alley was occupied by a house-sitter during that Christmas. This man disappeared within days after the twenty-sixth" (Ramseys 2000:202); details at acandyrose.com
  • See Webbsleuths forum chat. 



Government Plot

CIA Plot

This has been outlined in some detail here.


Robert Pachaly (Government Assassin)

The Robert Pachaly Theory

  • Internet poster Mikie has stated: "In my opinion the real killer was a bastard brother of Bill, who was "the bad Santa clause" that night, AKA Robert McReynolds or Robert Pachaly Jr, also cousin to Janet. His identity will forever remain secret as a homicidal maniac government assassin and hit man, amongst law enforcement, (or at least amongst some circles) and he is not to be mentioned, period, (RHGC was the only person to investigate him thoroughly). So it does not surprise me that Bill and Janet were cleared, as was Fleet, by the miniscule circle of those who are involved in the investigation. Until he is even mentioned as a suspect, I know the conspiracy to protect him is solid as a rock."


Incriminating Evidence Against Robert Pachaly

  • More details of how Pachaly allegedly operated are provided by Mikie here and here.


Exculpatory Evidence Regarding Robert Pachaly

  • Internet poster koldkase, who claims to have met Pachaly, has expressed extreme skepticism regarding the claim that Pachaly was involved.


Other Ramsey Acquaintances 

Georgia Computer Whiz

This man and his girlfriend lived in a trailor park. The man had visited Boulder several times on business and might have met John Ramsey. He was cleared after investigation on grounds of having a solid alibi. Details at acandyrose.com.


Richard Talfryn "Tal" Jones

Who is "Tal" Jones? According to Internet poster Biz, Tal is a step brother to Gwen Boykin the godaughter of Fleet Senior that I mentioned earlier. Tal worked for Doc Miller  as a paralegal or something. So did a lady by the name of Pamela Hadas. I spoke with  Pamela Hadas for about an hour on the phone one day and she had alot  to say, most of it was backed up by court records I later researched."

 Why Jones is a Suspect. Biz further revealed:


  • "Pamela told me that the day after the murder Tal Jones came to the office and told Doc that he had just spoke to Fleet White and he told  him in confidence that Burke was the killer. 
  •  "Pamela said that same day  that Doc Miller and Tal had gotten in to a physical fight in the  office and Doc put a knife to Tal's throat. She didn't know what the  arguement was about but she and other employees were able to break it  up."
  • "Mary Suma didn't think that Tal knew Fleet at this point but  Pamela claimed they did. Tal has often been described by Lou and Mary as Fleet's henchmen. He circulated the internet forums trying to waive public opinion. At one point he even tried to intervene with the grand jury proceedings."
    • "So it appears to me that  either Fleet started this rumor about Burke or Tal Jones did. I have to wonder why? Burke was a 9 year old child. What were they  thinking? Were they trying to drive attention away from someone else?"
    • "Alyce Christoff, Gwen's mother said after the murder that she wouldn't be surprised if Tal had something to do with it. He has always been on mine and Mary's list of suspects for that reason. Nancy Krebs also  mentioned him in her deposition."

Burglar (The Burglar Theory)

Acquaintaned to John Ramsey (or both parents) person who break into Ramseys' house.


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