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  1. 1996-2016. CNN has a brief timeline included in JonBenet Ramsey Murder Fast Facts (all items are included in the JBR Case Encyclopedia timeline below).
  2. 1940's-2006. The Angelfire timeline covered many early years prior to 2006 but unfortunately was not sourced in any way and is no longer available (a large number of these have been included in the JBR Case Encyclopedia timeline below).
  3. 1977-2009. Kirk Mitchell from Denver Post has an archived timeline through July 2009, but it is largely unsourced.
  4. 1996-2016. The Daily Camera maintains an abbreviated case timeline of events from 1996-2016, including links to a news story about each item included (all items are included in the JBR Case Encyclopedia timeline below). The paper also maintains a much more detailed site of headlines from more than 600 stories written between 1996 and 2001, with links to each story's full text; a sorting of its news coverage by topic also had been available. 
  5. Pre-1996-early 2002. Those wishing even more detail should consult, which includes an extremely useful and detailed timeline for events (including sources) prior to 1996 and through early 2002.
  6. 1996-2002. Another highly detailed--though unsourced--timeline is at the blog Someone Is Getting Away with Murder, purportedly the site of Ramsey housekeeper Linda Hoffman-Pugh. It covers 12-23-96 through December 2002.


JonBenet Ramsey Case Encyclopedia Timeline

  1. Purpose. What follows is intended to represent a detailed timeline that includes all major events, sourced wherever possible.
  2. Time of Day. The acandyrose timeline generally does not report time of day, whereas we try to do so for December 25 and 26. The most succinct narrative account of relevant events on those 2 days is in Judge Carnes' ruling.
  3. Sources Used. Finally, generally relies on book sources, whereas as what follows is based wherever possible on official source documents (search warrants, transcripts) rather than anonymous sources.
  4. Caveat Emptor. Note that even "official" sources are not entirely accurate. For example, BPD office Jim Byfield attested in an affidavit to support a search warrant that Detective Linda Arndt reported Burke to be 11 years old on December 26, 1996 (Byefield 1997:1); in fact, he was only 9.


Key Events Prior to Thanksgiving, 1996

Ramsey Family Biographical Background

1977 | Patsy Ramsey Named Miss West Virginia.

8-6-90 | JonBenet Ramsey Born. Born in Atlanta. 

11-21-91 | Move to Boulder. Ramseys relocated to Boulder from Atlanta (AngelFire timeline).

1-8-92 | Beth Ramsey Killed. Beth Ramsey killed in automobile accident in Chicago, Illinois (AngelFire timeline).

12-23-92 | Charlevoix House. Ramseys bought 1,731 square foot home in Charlevoix, Michigan for $336,400 (AngelFire timeline).

June 1993 | Patsy Ramsey Breast Cancer Diagnosis. Patsy Ramsey went to Charlevoix Community Hospital for two exams and MRI (AngelFire timeline).

January 1994 | Burke Hits JBR with Golf Club. JonBenet Ramsey hit on cheek with golf club by brother Burke (AngelFire timeline).

October 1994 | JBR Plastic Surgery. JonBenet Ramsey went to plastic surgeon in Denver for scar related to golf club. (AngelFire timeline).

12-3-94 | Historic Homes for the Holidays Tour. The Ramseys house is among 7 included in this holiday tour, culminating in 1500 to 2000 guests walking through the house. Details and screenshots at

April 1995 | Colorado All-Stars Christmas Pageant. JonBenet Ramsey won Colorado All-Stars Christmas Pageant (AngelFire timeline).

April 1995 | Patsy Ramsey News. Patsy Ramsey interviewed by Boulder Women's Magazine (AngelFire timeline).

October 1995 | Little Miss Colorado Sunburst. JonBenet Ramsey won "Little Miss Colorado Sunburst" (AngelFire timeline).

October 1995 | John Ramsey Award. John Ramsey won the "Entrepeneur of Distinction" Award (AngelFire timeline).

October 1995 | John Ramsey Business News. John Ramsey appeared in Boulder County Business Report (AngelFire timeline).

April 1996 | Women's Magazine Profile. The April 1996 issue of Women's Magazine profiled Patsy Ramsey and included a lot of personal information about her and the family.

July 1996 | America's Royale Tiny Miss. JonBenet won "America's Royale Tiny Miss" (won division title) (AngelFire timeline).

08-13-96 | Sunburst National Pagaent. JonBenét won 2nd Place in “Sunburst National Pageant” in Atlanta, Georgia (Ramsey & Ramsey 2000:59). (video clip)


Business Background

1999 | Access Graphics created by merger of 3 companies


Key Events Prior to December 20, 1996

11-30 | 40th Birthday Celebration for Patsy. This was organized by

12-6 | Lights of December Parade. JonBenet appeared on her own "Little Miss Colorado" float during the Lights of December Parade on the Boulder Mall; Burke also was in this parade.

12-13 | Church Party in Ramsey Home. A party at the Ramsey home on Dec. 13 was attended by more than 150 friends from church.

12-17 | Colorado's Little Miss Christmas. JonBenet won "Colorado's Little Miss Christmas" (AngelFire timeline); JBR wins "Santa Bear" in Denver-area pageant (Rocky Mountain News).

Sometime in December. JonBenet Misses Father. JonBenet tells gardner Brian Scott about John Ramsey: "I really miss him. I wish he was around more" (PMPT:5).


December 20-24, 1996

12-20 | Access Graphics Luncheon. Access Graphics had luncheon party to celebrates $1 billion markfor more than 300 employees at the Hotel Boulderado (Daily Camera). See for further news about this luncheon and its connection to JBR's death.

12-20 | JBR appears  in Rock Around the Clock performance at High Peaks Elementary School

12-21 | Daily Camera business writer Tom Locke publishes article on Access Graphics reaching $1 billion in sales.

12-22 | JonBenet Ramsey appeared in beauty pageant at Southwest Plaza Mall (AngelFire timeline).

Late December | Ramsey Christmas letter sent out.

12-23 | Ramsey Christmas Party. The Ramseys hosted a Christmas party, with approximately 30 guests attending, and with former journalism professor Bill McReynolds playing Santa Claus (timeline). Internet poster Margoo has provided a guest list. No photo appears to be available.

12-23 | Mistaken 911 Call. At 6:47 p.m., someone attending the party placed a 911 call, which was answered by police dispatcher Therese Hilleary. The caller hung up without saying anything. Police call back only to get the Ramsey's anwering machine. Officer "B.O. 266" goes to the home at 6:54 p.m. and leaves at 7:09 p.m., after being assured that there was no emergency (timeline). The Daily Times-Call places the call at 6:48, but corroborates most other details above.

12-24 | Article appeared in the Boulder Daily Camera regarding the Ramsey Christmas party

12-24 | JonBenet played at her friend Megan Kostanick's house and told Megan's mother about a secret visit from Santa (AngelFire timeline).

12-24 | Ramseys attend twilight service at St. John's Episcopal Church in Boulder (timeline).

12-24 | John Retrieved JBR Bike. At 9:00 PM John Ramsey retrieves a brand new silver girl's bike stored in neighbor Joe Barnhill's garage and places it under the Christmas tree for JonBenét (timeline).

12-24 | Ramseys get stashed gifts from basement area (AngelFire timeline).


December 25, 1996

Overview. A detailed chronology, including photos, is at

About 6:00 AM | Ramseys Wake Up. Patsy says its was "Six-ish probably." (4.30.97 Police interrogation: Gentile & Wright:41).

12:00 Noon | John Checks Plane. Tom Trujillo: "So he left about noon, afternoon sometime. Gone till two, 3:00 in the afternoon?" Patsy Ramsey: "Um, yeah." (4.30.97 Police interrogation: Gentile & Wright:41).

2:00 to 3:00 PM | John Returns Home from Checking Plane. See preceding.

5:00 or 6:00 PM | White Xmas Party. Ramseys left for Xmas Party at Fleet and Priscilla White's. "Nothing out-of-the-ordinary occurred at the party and the Ramsey family appeared happy. (SMF P 13; PSMF P 13.)" (Carnes 2003:6). Tom Trujillo: "You left, left for the Whites about five, 6:00 (4.30.97 Police interrogation: Gentile & Wright:44).

Time? | Ramseys Left Party. "On the drive home from the party, JonBenét and her brother Burke fell asleep in the car." (SMF P 13; PSMF P 13.)(Carnes 2003). Ramseys dropped gifts at Stewart and Roxy Walker's and Glenn and Susan Stine's house on the way home (see Google map created by Internet poster Why_Nut showing the route taken).

Time? | Ramseys arrive home

Time? | John puts JBR to bed

Time? | John plays game with Burke

Time? | Burke goes to bed

~10:00 PM | JBR Last Seen Alive. The Ramsey's reported to BPD officers Veitch and French that JBR "was last seen by Patsy Ramsey in the residence at approximately 10:00 PM" (Byfield 1997:1); according to BPD Detective Linda Arndt, John Ramsey said JBR "had last been seen by her father, John Ramsey, at approximately 2200 hours;" JBR had last been seen in her bed (Byfield 1997:1)

10:00 to 10:30 | Patsy Goes to Bed.  "I was probably, probably in bed by then. Ten or 10:30 ... I can't remember exactly."(4.30.97 Police interrogation: Gentile & Wright:54). "Defendants put the children to bed when they returned home and then went to bed soon there after. (SMF P 13; PSMF P 13.)"(Carnes 2003:6). 

10:03 to 10:33 | John Goes to Bed. Steve Thomas: "...John came to bed shortly thereafter, do you recall if that was 15 minutes or a half an hour?" Patsy Ramsey: "It was probably just a few minutes" (4.30.97 Police interrogation: Gentile & Wright:54). "Defendants claim they were not awakened during the night" (SMF P 148; PSMF P 148.)" (Carnes 2003:6).