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Can Psychics Solve the JBR Case

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JonBenét Ramsey Case Encyclopedia 

General Observations

  • Are Psychics Real? This is a Network Rush Transcript from Larry King Live, December 28, 2005 in which he interviews both psychics and psychic skeptics.


Psychic Claims About JBR Case

Dorothy Allison

  1. Who Was Dorothy Allison? She was a psychic from Nutley, NJ who died in 1999 (obituary) who wrote a book about herself. She has been described as "the 20th century's most extraordinary psychic detective."
  2. Claims About JBR's Killer. In an April 27, 1998 airing of the Leeza Gibbons show "insisted that the little girl's parents were "absolutely not" involved, and that the real killer was a former handyman. She perceived "connections" to Germany and Georgia, the numbers 2-8-9, and the names "Martin" and "Irving" -- the latter, she said, being "the one I think that did this" (the murder).
  3. Sketch of Alleged Perp. Working with a police artist, Allison produced a drawing of the alleged killer." This sketch was later posted by John and Patsy Ramsey on their Website with the message: "Have you seen this man? This man may have been in the Boulder area in December 1996. ... We firmly believe that this most horrible of killers will be caught based on information provided by people who care about right and wrong. ... Please help, so another innocent child will not be a victim and another family will not suffer unbearable grief."

Warren Freiburg

In Star Magazine, week of 4-21-97, it was reported: "The man who murdered little beauty JonBenet is a Ted Bundy like drifter who stalked the six-year-old for months before making his murderous move and he will strike again very soon if he's not collared by cops. So warns America's top psychic investigator Warren Freiberg. The respected radio-TV medium got his description of the killer from the most knowledgeable source possible-the victim-during a chilling seance at his home in Munster, Indiana."

Ruth Gerstenkorn

 A self-proclaimed psychic, she has posted her impressions about the JBR killing on-line.

Elizabeth Joyce

Joyce is a psychic from Chalfont, PA, claims "JonBenet Ramsey's mother's spurned lover killed the baby beauty queen as retribution for his rejection."


PSI TECH has used a proprietary technique, Technical Remote Viewing, to reach the following conclusions: "PSI TECH has established the following base line data points in connection with the murder of JonBenet Ramsey: a. Method of entry into the house: The murderer gained entry into the victim’s house through either a window or skylight; b. Description of murderer: Male, slim, medium height, age early to mid-40's. He had observed, stalked, and possibly photographed the victim prior to her murder; c. Murderer’s workplace: An industrial plant located in a generally NE to SE direction from the murder site. Primary products appear to be liquid chemicals, (possibly photographic chemicals).

Marie Saint Clair

Saint Clair, an on-line psychic, has posted: "my preliminary conclusion is that JonBenet was killed by an intruder, a man who was possibly named Ray, Tray, or Ty. His last name may be gull or galle, or something very similar. I believe that he either knew the Ramsey's as his lack of dress indicates being at home, casual, or that he lived close by, since I saw him walking down the street. Of course, his bare feet could also symbolize that he was homeless or a drifter. I do believe that the intent way he was watching the house means that he had been watching for a while and thinking about making his move, and that the crime was premeditated."

Debunking Psychic Claims

  • Scientific Literature. The voluminous negative scientific evidence regarding psychics is cited here, here, and here.
  • Common Sense. If psychics were genuine, one would expect a converge of psychic predictions about high profile cases. Instead, the numerous psychic predictions in the Chandra Levy case were all over the map and none led to the discovery of the body. There is a similar lack of consistency regarding psychic predictions regarding the JBR (see above). The simple explanation is that at least some psychics are frauds or well-intentioned individuals with little "true" psychic ability. But that raises a practical question of how LE could possibly sort out which psychic predictions are genuine and which have no merit. As the scientific evidence attests, no psychic has demonstrated a consistent track record under properly controlled scientific procedures.
  • FBI Prohibits Use of Psychics. The FBI reportedly forbids the use of psychics in its investigations.
  • Most Major Police Departments Do Not Use Psychics. A recent story in the Philadelphia Daily News concluded: "Scientific evidence of psychic success in cracking criminal cases is scant. In a 1993 study, almost two-thirds of the nation's 50 largest police departments said they didn't use psychics. None said the information provided by psychics was more useful than that from other sources, and some complained that psychics' predictions even hindered investigations, according to the study by Mark Durm, a psychology professor at Athens State University in Alabama."
  • How Psychics Have Led to False Hopes. There have been repeated instances in which psychic predictions have raised false hopes in missing persons cases.
  • Randi Challenge Unanswered. No psychic has succeeded in taking the Randi $1 million challenge to scientifically demonstrate their claims of psychic powers.

Specific Evidence

  • Dorothy Allison. Dorothy Allison's track record and claims are critically scrutinized in Skeptical Inquirer and CrimeLibrary.
  • Ruth Gerstenkorn herself concedes that some of her impressions "are wrong or appear to be wrong. I include them anyway because it's only fair to show that I'm not always on target and also because they may mean something only to the investigators."
  • Erroneous Prediction About Patsy Ramsey. Psychics predicted in 1998 that "Patsy Ramsey will confess that she and her husband killed JonBenet Ramsey." Patsy Ramsey died in 2006 without confessing.


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