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Fleet White Jr

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The Fleet White, Jr. Theory

  • Who is Fleet White, Jr.? Fleet and Priscilla White were very close family friends of the Ramseys in part because they had 2 children similar in age to Burke and JBR. Picture of Fleet White, Jr. See profile at acandyrose.com. 
  • Why Do Some Suspect Fleet White?
    • Motive. The predominant theory, articulated by self-proclaimed detective Keith Andrews, is that FW may have been motivated by jealousy towards John Ramsey, but others think FW may have been a pedophile.
    • Means. Because FW was a close family friend who knew JonBenet well, most theories believe he was able to rely on this to get JonBenet out of bed and into the basement without her being alarmed.
    • Opportunity. The Whites lived only 1.2 miles (4 minutes) from the Ramseys (see Google map posted by Internet poster Why_Nut) and had both a key as well as invited access to the house both on the night of the December 23 party and on the morning of December 26, many FW theories make use of these in explaining how FW was able to plan the crime, and possibly covered up evidence or deliberately contamined the crime scene. No other close friend of the Ramseys had quite the same degree of opportunity.
  • See Webbsleuths.com forum chat and Mame's research for further discussion. (subscription may be required to view content)
  • See Questions for Fleet and Priscilla White. (subscription may be required to view content)


Exculpatory Evidence Favoring Fleet White, Jr.

  • Cleared by BPD Police Chief. On April 16, 1997, City of Boulder issued a press release stating: "In response to media inquiries and to clarify inaccurate statements, Boulder Police Chief Tom Koby has the following statement: “Mr. and Mrs. Fleet White, Jr. are not suspects in the JonBenet Ramsey murder investigation. They are considered key witnesses. The Boulder Police Department appreciates the full cooperation they have received from the Whites since the beginning of their investigation. I feel this response is necessary due to the inaccurate portrayal of Mr. and Mrs. White in certain media publications.”
  • No DNA Match. Internet poster Jayelles has deduced from documents shown in the Tracey documentary that Fleet White and Priscilla White have been cleared on DNA.
  • Rebuttal of Keith Andrews Theory. Internet poster Jayelles has posted a point-by-point rebuttal of a Fleet White did it theory promulgated by self-proclaimed detective Keith Andrews


Incriminating Evidence Against Fleet White, Jr.

  • Timeline. Internet poster Mame has posted a timeline related to Fleet White; this is still a work in progress whose accuracy and completeness will improve over time. Another timeline has been posted here.
  • Strange Behavior Following JBR's Death. Self-proclaimed detective Keith Andrews has detailed numerous instances of odd or suspicious behavior by Fleet White in the aftermath of JBR's death. 
  • TGRB Questions. Internet poster TGRB has posted a series of questions WebbSleuths that illuminates why some suspect Fleet White.


Nancy Krebs Story

  • Nancy Krebs reported that as a child, she had been the victim of sexual abuse by distant relatives Fleet White, Jr. and his father (see family tree), but also by John Ramsey. She further reported being prostituted for pornography.
  • Krebs Transcripts. Transcripts of her February 22, 2000 interview 
  • Transcripts of her May 10, 2000 interview are here: Part One; Part Two
  • Krebs Interview with Mary Suma. An interview conducted by Mary Suma (Internet poster Mame) with Nancy Krebs on March 10, 2000 is here.
  • Was Story Fabricated? Internet poster The Punisher has done extensive research on Lee Hill and Ward Churchill and concluded that the Nancy Krebs story was a fabrication to discredit the FBI.
  • Did Krebs Implicate John Ramsey?
  1. Although Krebs named John Ramsey as one of those who sexually assaulted her, this does not square with what is known about John Ramsey's place of residence during the period these alleged assaults took place.
  2. Police took this story seriously enough to interview Nancy, but her story now generally has been widely discredited at least as it relates to John Ramsey's involvement.
  3. However, Internet poster Logan has found the following record on-line and has stated (post 2771): "I believe Uncle Johnny Ramsey was the child molestor registered on the California Sex Offender Registry: He was in California during the time Nancy Krebs mentioned."


Last Name: RAMSEY
First Name: JOHNNY
Middle Name: B
Specific address not subject to disclosure
Description Offenses Scars/Marks/Tattoos Known Aliases
Last Known Address: 92243
Zip Code 92243
Date of Birth: 06-21-1959
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 186
Eye Color: BROWN
Hair Color: BROWN
Ethnicity: WHITE
Offense Code Description: 290(a)(2)(D) OUT OF STATE REGISTRATION REQUIRED



  • Were Kreb Claims About Fleet White Credible? People disagree about whether she has provided credible evidence against Fleet White.


Other Potentially Incriminating Evidence

  • Familiar with Ramsey Wine Cellar Room. Internet poster Jameson says that John and Patsy Ramsey told her that FW had gone to get wine in the wine cellar room during the party on December 23, so he was familiar with that room. This is also implied in Patsy Ramsey's 1998 interview with law enforcement.
  • Had Opportunity to Move Body. FW was in the house in the early morning of December 26 and was with John Ramsey when he found JBR's body, giving him the opportunity to possibly have moved or framed the body.
  • Became Estranged from Ramseys. He became estranged from the Ramseys shortly after JBR's funeral.
  • Strange Post-Death Behavior. In the opinion of some, his behavior following JBR's death has been "strange." Internet poster Aussiesheila has catalogued FW's strange behavior in the week following the killing.
  • DNA Inconclusive. Internet poster Mame. claims to have sources who told her JW was NOT excluded based on DNA; instead the effort to match his DNA was "inconclusive."



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