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JonBenet Ramsey Case Encyclopedia - Index

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JonBenet Ramsey Case Encyclopedia

Boulder County District Attorneys Office JBR CORAfiles


The 911 Call


Audio Analyses of 911 Tape

Key Areas of Controversy

Aerospace Corporation Analysis

Other Assessments of 911 Tape

Other Expert Assessments of 911 Tape

Analysis of 911 Tape By Internet Sleuths

Was the Enhanced Tape Aired on TV?


The Ransom Note


Who Provided Writing Samples to BPD

Handwriting Analysis


Forensic Document Analysis

General Principles

Handwriting Scales

Common Pitfalls

Physical Characteristics of Note

Was Handwriting Disguised?


Comparison to Other Famous RNs

Similarities to Ramsey Case

Eddie Cudahy (1900)

Bobby Franks (Leopold and Loeb) (1924)

Marian Parker (1927)

Lindbergh Baby (1932)

Susan Degnan (1946)

Peter Weinberger (1956)

Gail Jackson (1978)

Adam Walsh (1981)

Clark Handa (1984)

Jeffrey Dahmer (1978-1991)


The Body


Time of Death

Autopsy Findings

Was the Body Moved After Death?

General Appearance

Head Injuries

Facial Injuries

Duct Tape on Mouth

Neck Injuries


Vaginal Area

Possible Stun Gun Injuries


Internal Organs

The Cords

DNA Evidence

Stomach Contents

Hair Evidence

Fiber Evidence


Internal Organs


Body Cavities



Aorta and Vena Cava









G.I. Tract

Other Organs


Neck Injuries

Autopsy: External Exam

Autopsy: Internal Exam

Autopsy: Microscopic Examination

Non-Autopsy Sources


Head Injuries

Autopsy: External Examination

Autopsy: Internal Examination

Autopsy: Microscopic Examination of Brain

What Caused the Head Blow?



Body Covered by Blanket & Sweatshirt

White Collarless Shirt

Long White Underwear

White Wednesday Panties

Barbie Nightgown

Duct Tape on Mouth

How Tape Found

Physical Characteristics

Carnes Opinion

FBI Findings

When Was Tape Applied?

Source of Tape


Fiber Evidence


Fibers in Paint Tray

Fibers on Duct Tape

Dark Fibers in Genital Area

Fibers from Sham & Duvet

Green Fibers in Hair.


The Ligatures

Autopsy Findings

Non-Autopsy Findings

Were Knots Sophisticated ?

Could Ramseys Tie Such Knots?

Where Did Cord Come From?


The Stun Gun

The Marks on JonBenet's Skin

The Pineapple


When JBR ate Pineapple is Unknown

Pineapple unconnected to JBR's Death

Sexual Abuse


DNA Evidence


DNA Testing Timeline

Male DNA Under Fingernails

Who Has Submitted DNA Blood Samples?

Evidence Not Found


Is This a DNA Case?

DNA in JBR Case

General Information on DNA Testing

Legal Issues Regarding DNA

Can Race Be Inferred from DNA?

Evidence of a DNA Case


The House

House Location

Floor Diagrams


Evidence Taken From House

Potential Points of Entry

Evidence Taken From House

The Basement

First Floor

Second Floor

Third Floor



The Basement

The Wine Cellar

Footprints in Basement

Palmprint on Wine-Cellar Door

The Boiler Room

The Train and Storage Room

The Basement Bathroom

Storage Room Next to Laundry


First Floor

Spiral Staircase

The Flashlight in the Kitchen

Items on Breakfast Room Table

Dictionary in the Den


Neighbor Reports

Secret Santa Visit

Lights in Kitchen

Missing Safety Light

Early Morning Scream

Metal Scraping Sound

Dog That Didn't Bark


Can Psychics Solve the JBR Case?

General Observations

Psychic Claims About JBR Case

Debunking Psychic Claims


Theories of the Case

Perp Profiles

Similar Cases

Books Sorted By Theory of the Case

Intruder Theories

Ramsey Did It Theories


Intruder Theories (IDI)


Intruder Profiles

Friendly Intruder Theories

Acquaintance Intruder Theories


John Mark Karr

The Theory

Incriminating Evidence

Exculpatory Evidence

Motivation for False Confession

Documents Related to John Mark Karr

Legal Documents

Supporting Documents

Michael Tracey E-mails

Phone Conversations with Michael Tracey

California Legal Charges

Other Legal Charges


Who Is Who in JBR Case

Ramsey Family

Ramsey Friends

Other Boulder Area Residents

Ramsey Legal Team

Law Enforcement

Principals in Other Ramsey-Related Lawsuits


Internet Posters


Worked for Ramsey Family

Linda Hoffman-Pugh (Ramsey Housekeeper)

Mervin Pugh (Ramsey Handyman)

Ariana Pugh

Geraldine Vodicka (Former Ramsey Housekeeper)

Brian Scott (Ramsey Landscaper and Gardner)

Nathan Inouye (Stine Baby-sitter)

B N Jazzy4ever45

BCTC Suspect (Ramsey Worker)

Bob Wallace (Ramsey Handyman)

Bob Wallace's Friend (Ramsey Handyman)

Rod Westmoreland (John Ramsey's Financial Advisor)

Other Disgruntled Ramsey Workers

Fleet White Jr


Legal Issues Surrounding JBR Case

Mistakes Made by BPD

Copyright Law

Defamation Law in General

Online Defamation Law

The Law

Libel Suit Against Poster undrtheradar

PBWiki Response

Law Enforcement Investigation Tactics

Can Investigators Lie During an Interrogation?

Use of Lie Detector Tests

Unreliability of "Demeanor Evidence"

Grand Juries

Clearing Suspects

Can Lawyers Lie?


Detecting Deception

Talking to Police


Legal Documents

Search Warrants

Boulder Search Warrants

Michigan Search Warrants

Arrest Warrants

Autopsy Report

Lab Tests

Documents Related to JBR Investigation

Boulder Police Department Interviews

Boulder County Grand Jury Documents

Documents Related to John Mark Karr

Documents Related to JBR-Related Libel Cases

Stephen Miles v. John Ramsey (1998)

Burke Ramsey v. American Media, Inc., and Star Editorial, Inc. (1999)

Burke Ramsey v. Windsor House et al. (2000)

Burke Ramsey vs. Court TV, AOLTW, Time Warner Entertainment and Liberty Media (2001)

Robert Christian Wolf v. John and Patricia Ramsey (2001-2003)

John Ramsey and Patsy Ramsey v. Steve Thomas (2001)

John, Patsy, Burke Ramsey v. Fox News Network, LLC (2003-2004)

R.W. v. John Doe aka undrtheradar (2006)

Burke Ramsey vs. Werner Spitz (2016)

Burke Ramsey vs. CBS News, Current Content and Seven "Experts" (2016)

Documents Related to JBR-Related Non-Libel Cases

Autopsy Photo Leak (1997)

Pasta Jay Elowsky Menacing Case (1997)

James Michael Thompson (J.T. Colfax) Arson Case (1997)

Hoffman v. Alex Hunter (1997)

Hunter v. Smit (1999)

Linda Arndt v. Koby/Beckner/City of Boulder (2000-2001)

State of Colorado v. Thomas C. Miller (2000-2001)

Fleet and Priscilla White, vs. The City of Boulder and Mark Beckner (2002)

People of the State of Colorado vs. The Boulder Daily Camera (2003)

Documents Re: Linda Hoffman-Pugh v. Mary T. Keenan (2003-2004)



Sources Used at This Site

Academic Works


Student Papers

Print Media



Alphabetical by Author

Alphabetical By Title

Chronological By Year

By Theory of the Case

Forthcoming Books


Broadcast Media

General Materials


JonBenet`s America (Tracey/Mills: 1998)

Who Killed JonBenet Ramsey? Prime Suspects. (Court TV: 1999)

Investigative Reports Jonbenet: Anatomy Of An Investigation (A&E: 2000)

Who Killed the Pageant Queen? The Judicial System (Tracey/Mills: 2001)

JonBenet: A Second Look. (Court TV: 2003)

Who Killed the Pageant Queen? The Prime Suspect. (Tracey/Mills: 2004)

The Killing of JonBenét: An Evil Twist (Tracey/Mills: 2006)

True Crime with Aphrodite Jones (Investigation Discovery: 2011)

Who Killed JonBenét Ramsey? (Independent: 2015)

Barbara Walters Presents: American Scandals. JonBenét Ramsey: Inside the Mystery (investigation Discovery 2015)

The Killing of JonBenét Ramsey: The Truth Uncovered

Who Killed JonBenét? (NBC: 2016)

JonBenét: An American Murder Mystery (Investigation Discovery: 2016)

Dr. Phil - The Burke Ramsey Interviews (CBS: 2016)

The Case of: JonBenét Ramsey (CBS: 2016)

JonBenét's Mother. Victim or Killer? (Lifetime: 2016)

JonBenét's Tricycle (November 2016)

Overkill: The Unsolved Murder of JonBenet Ramsey

Who Killed JonBenet? (HLN: 2017)

Casting JonBenét (Netflix: 2017)

Dr. Oz True Crime: The Couple Who Say They Can Prove JonBenet's Murder Covered Up


JonBenet's Tricycle (Release Date Unknown)


Getting Away with Murder: The JonBenet Ramsey Mystery (2000)

Perfect Murder, Perfect Town. (2000)

Who Killed JonBenét? (2016)

Broadcast Transcripts




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