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JonBenet Ramsey Case Encyclopedia

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JonBenet Ramsey



Brief Chronology

Key Events Prior to December 26

December 26

Key Events in the Investigation

The Grand Jury

Key Events Following the Grand Jury


Key Pieces of Evidence

The Body

Head Injuries

Neck Injuries

The Garrote

DNA Evidence

Stomach Contents


Key Unresolved Questions

Was a Stun Gun Used?
Which Came First: Head Blow or Strangulation?
Was There Prior Sexual Abuse?
Was the Ligature a Sexual Torture Device?

The House

Potential Points of Entry

Basement Window
Butler Pantry Door
Other Points of Entry

The Basement

The Storage Room
The Train Room
The Hallway

First Floor

The Ransom Note
Comparison to Other Famous RN's
What Handwriting Experts Say About the RN
What On-Line Posters Say About the RN
911 Call
What Experts Say About the "Enhanced" Tape
What On-Line Posters Say About the "Enhanced" Tape
The Flashlight
The Pineapple

Second Floor

JonBenet Bedroom
The Guest Room
Burke's Bedroom

Third Floor

The Exterior

The Baseball Bat
The Bike Tracks
Snow on the Ground

The Neighborhood

Physical Layout

What Ramseys Reported

What Neighbors Reported


John Ramsey

Patsy Ramsey

Steve Thomas

Linda Arndt

The Bonita Papers


Theories of the Case*

Perp Profiles Deduced from Evidence

Evidence of "Staging"

Evidence of a "Cover-up"

Intruder Theories

Random Stranger Intruder Theories

BTK-style Serial Killer
Foreign Faction
A Kidnapping Gone Wrong
A Message to FBI Profilers
Phone Phreakers

Acquaintance Intruder Theories

Disgruntled Access Graphics Worker
Disgruntled Law Enforcement
Beauty Pageant "Stalker"
Chris Wolf
John Ramsey's Banker

"Friendly" Intruder Theories

Santa Bill
Janet McReynolds
Fleet White
Pedophile Sex Ring

Ramsey Did It Theories

Patsy Ramsey
John Ramsey
Burke Ramsey
John Andrew Ramsey


  • Write-ups would be organized around Motive, Means and Opportunity and the extent to which the body of evidence fits the individual(s) in question



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