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Intruder Theories

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Types of Intruders

There are 3 "flavors" of intruder theories.

  • Stranger intruder theories posit someone completely unknown to or by the family.
  • Acquaintance intruder theories posit someone loosely connected to the family who selected the Ramseys for a particular motivation, e.g., revenge or targeting JBR because she'd been seen in a beauty pageant. Such theories do not necessarily denote a premeditated killing, but relative to stranger intruder theories, generally imply more planning/premeditation regarding entry into the Ramsey household in particular.
  • "Friendly" intruder theories involve someone well-known to the family and JBR herself, someone who may have even gained access to the house on the night of December 26 on "friendly" terms; but it also includes adults who were friends or close acquaintances of John or Patsy Ramsey but who might have had an exploitative rather than friendly relationship with JBR. 


Intruder Profiles 

Webbsleuths poster Dave reports: "After finishing the book PMPT by Schiller in about 2001, I made a list of attributes that I considered the perpetrator to have.  At that time, I had absolutely no one whomsoever in mind.  The simplest way to summarize many of these attributes is to say that I concluded that this was someone who shared many attributes with some of the most notorious serial killers, someone who

  • Is an extremely deviant and very calculating male whose friends and family have little or no knowledge of his extremely deviant nature;
  • Has interest and uncommon knowledge and familiarity with police activities, capabilities, etc. [1]
  • Has uncommon knowledge of forensics and how to minimize leaving physical evidence;
  • Has experience in handling children who are not his own through occupation or vocation, for example, can be engaging and even charming to children;
  • Has knowledge of how to easily and thoroughly inflict fatal injuries without blood spatter and without ballistics evidence;
  • Someone who knew JonBenét and, given her age, at least one of her parents [2]

[1] This did not come from the claims made in the ransom note, but from the fact that many serial killers have such knowledge which prevents them from being so easily apprehended.  But I do indeed accept, after the fact, the perpetrator's claim in the ransom note about familiarity with “tactics and countermeasures” as being largely true.
[2] Most children of JonBenét's age are killed by someone they know because most children of that age are unknown to people outside the close family circle of relatives and friends.  JonBenét appears to have been targeted, so the perpetrator almost certainly knew her, and not just about her.  Her pageant activities do make this argument slightly less appealing, but the pageants for her age group are not widely appreciated like the Miss USA or Miss America series of pageants. 


Books Based on Intruder Theories

 A total of 18 books have been written presenting intruder theories. Full publication details and links here.

  • Bee 2015. Sweetie Bee.  Little Girl Blu The JonBenet: Inside Circle Theory.
  • Bennett 2007S. I. Bennett, AKA Jameson. A Rebuttal to Sam Dennis McDonough’s Book
  • Bennett 2011S. I. Bennett, AKA Jameson.  A Rebuttal to Steve Thomas’ Book “JonBenét - Inside the Ramsey Murder Investigation.”  
  • Cameron 2014. John A. Cameron. It's Me, Edward Wayne Edwards, the Serial Killer You Never Heard Of. 
  • Douglas & Olshaker 2000. John E. Douglas and Mark Olshaker. The Cases That Haunt Us: From Jack the Ripper to JonBenét Ramsey, the FBI’s Legendary Mindhunter Sheds Light on the Mysteries That Won’t Go Away (Hardcover).
  • Douglas & Olshaker 2001. John E. Douglas and Mark Olshaker. The Cases That Haunt Us: From Jack the Ripper to JonBenét Ramsey, the FBI’s Legendary Mindhunter Sheds Light on the Mysteries That Won’t Go Away (Paperback)
  • James 2012Bill James. Popular Crime: Reflections on the Celebration of Violence.  
  • Jameson 2012. Jameson (AKA Susan Bennett) Murdering JonBenet.  
  • Kerns 2016. Johnny Kerns. The Coldest Case: Who Killed JonBenet Ramsey. 
  • McLean 1998. Linda Edison McLean. JonBenét's Mother: The Tragedy and the Truth!  
  • Ramsey 2012. John Ramsey. The Other Side of Suffering: The Father of JonBenet Ramsey Tells the Story of His Journey From Grief to Grace. 
  • Ramsey & Ramsey 2000. John and Patsy Ramsey. The Death of Innocence: The Untold Story of JonBenét’s Murder and How Its Exploitation Compromised the Pursuit of Truth (Hardcover). 
  • Ramsey & Ramsey 2001. John and Patsy Ramsey. The Death of Innocence (Paperback).  
  • Singular 1999. Stephen Singular. Presumed Guilty: An Investigation into the JonBenét Ramsey Case, the Media, and the Culture of Pornography. 
  • Singular 2016. Stephen Singular. Presumed Guilty: An Investigation into the JonBenét Ramsey Case, the Media, and the Culture of Pornography (Kindle Edition). 
  • Tracey 2008. Michael Tracey. From Christmas to August: An Essay on Murder, Media Mayhem and the Condition of the Culture.  
  • Whitson & Smit 2012. Robert A. Whitson and Andrew Lou Smit. Injustice: Why JonBenét Ramsey Was Murdered by a Sadistic Psychopath--Not Her Parents.
  • Woodward 2016.  Paula Woodward. We Have Your Daughter: The Unsolved Murder of JonBenét Ramsey Twenty Years Later. 


Other Links   


"Friendly" Intruder Theories


Worked for Ramsey Family


Family Friends


Children of Family Friends

Doug Stine

The Doug Stine Theory

  • Spade Suspicions. Internet poster Spade  claims to have asked Lou Smit in a 1999 interview the intruder could be Doug Stine and Smit said Doug should be looked at very seriously.
  • Opportunity. Internet poster Tril has suggested Doug Stine might have put his bike in the back of Ramsey car when they stopped by after the White party on Christmas night and then ridden home roughly six blocks (see Google map posted by Internet poster Why_Nut) the next morning. This would account for tire tracks in the yard.


Incriminating Evidence Against Doug Stine

  • Mouth Swab Taken. Internet poster Tril claims that in Death of Innocence (p. 232, but book version not cited) Doug had a mouth swab taken. Except for 13-year old Ariana Pugh, daughter of Ramsey's housekeeper, Tril is unaware of anyone that young getting a mouth swab in this case.
  • Grand Jury Testimony.
  • No Fear of Kidnapping by Ramseys or Stines. Internet poster Tril thinks it's suspicious that neither Ramseys nor Stines seemed concerned about Burke or Doug being kidnapped while being driven to school in Susan Stine's car.


Exculpatory Evidence Favoring Doug Stine

  • Internet poster Jameson said that Doug Stine's DNA was not a match.
  • Internet poster Mame claims she has talked with Lou Smit and he has never supported a juvenile-did-it theory in this case.
  • See Implausibility of a Cover-up section of Burke Did It theory for reasons why a cover-up is unlikely.
  • It also seems implausible that parents would have allowed a sleepover when the plan was to get up so early the next morning.


Fleet White III

The Fleet White III Theory

  • Internet poster Spade claims that former Internet poster Lake is actually Mark Ohlshaker, John Douglas’s writing partner and the author of the Ramsey segment in Crimes that Haunt Us. Once Spade became aware of this, he realized Douglas may have been leaking inside information about the case to Ohlshaker and hence Spade began to take Lake's theory more seriously.
  • Internet poster VP has posted a series of old JusticeWatch posts by Lake, but in so doing has noted numerous misspellings and expressed doubt that Lake could really be Ohlshaker. Spade responded to various criticisms by stating he was "very confidant" [sic] that Lake=Olshaker, arguing that writers often rely on spellcheck and that feature isn't present on forums. FWIW, some posters have speculated that Lake may have been John Mark Karr.
  • Lake's theory is that Fleet White's son may have spent the night with Burke and that JBR died somehow. This would explain why Whites were invited to the house so early on the morning JBR was found missing, as well as the rift between the Ramseys (who knew Burke was innocent and hence wanted authorities to investigate) and the Whites (who were upset that Ramseys were drawing media attention to the situation). It would explain why the Grand Jury reached an impasse and no one can talk about it.


Incriminating Evidence Against Fleet White III

  • Grand Jury Testimony. Fleet White III testified before the Grand Jury; this is not proof of guilt


Exculpatory Evidence Favoring Fleet White III

  • FW III Too Young? However, Fleet White III was only one year older than JonBenet (Schiller 1999a:79). This would appear to make the face validity of both Lake's theory and Spade's claims about Lake suspect. Spade has also asserted that as he recalled Lake's theory, it involved a friend of Burke's: it's not clear Spade remembered Lake's specifically naming Fleet White III.
  • Spade has specifically denied believing this particular theory of Lake's. But it still raises a question of why if Lake=Olshaker, Olshaker would trot out such an implausible theory (and why in turn Spade would be pointing people to this theory, especially if he doesn't believe it).


Stranger Intruder Theories


Acquaintance Intruder Theories



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