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Perp Profiles

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Did the Perp Know the Family?

Evidence Perp Knew Family

  • General Evidence
    • Only 27% of 6-Year Olds Killed by Strangers. Of 644 U.S. homicides of victims age 6 (between 1976-2004), 73% knew the offender and 27% of the killers were strangers, according to Bureau of Justice statistics.
    • Most Very Young Children Killed by Parents. Of 769 U.S. homicides of victims under age 5 in 1996, 50.2% were killed by parents, 6% by other family members, 29.8% by friends/acquaintances, and 2.4% by strangers, according to Bureau of Justice statistics. Unfortunately, no equivalent break-down is provided for children age 6. The lion's share of these "infanticides" are under age 1 and the number declines steadily for each year of age.
    • Most Child Molesters Know Their Victims. The Child Molestation Research and Prevention Institute has noted that“90% of child molesters target children in their network of family and friends.” Put another way by G.R.A.C.E.’s Boz Tchividjian, “Only 10 percent of child molesters molest children that they don’t know.” 
  • Specific Evidence
    • RN refers to John by name.
    • RN very "personal" in remarks directed at John.
    • Ransom amount may be related to size of John's Salary Bonus; if true, this suggests "insider" information.
    • Based on all the forensic evidence and ransom note, Dale Yeager at Seraph Security Consulting and Training Company in Berwyn concluded "Based on my experience, this crime was done by an intimate, a person who knew the victim and had an emotional attachment to the victim...The offender was in my opinion connected to the victim in an emotional way."  

Evidence Perp Did Not Know Family

  • RN does not refer to JBR by name
  • Any "personal" information, including John's Salary Bonus amount, in theory, could have been obtained even by a stranger intruder if they spent several hours in the house while Ramseys at Xmas party.


How Old Was the Perp?

Evidence for a Young Perp

  • Numerous movie references in RN
  • Victim age indicates younger, inexperienced perpetrator. Younger victims are easier to control and overpower.
  • Non-penile penetration indicates inexperienced, younger perpetrator.
  • From a psychological perspective, use of "be well rested" can be viewed as dramatic threat

Evidence for an Older Perp

  • Language used in RN, e.g., "attache" case
  • Detailed specification of ransom amount delivery method
  • Expression of "maternal" concerns in RN, e.g., "be well-rested"


Was the Perp a Sexual Predator?

In general, contrary to popular stereotypes, predators resemble the average American male in outward characteristics. For example, child molesters are as equally married, educated, employed, and religious as any other Americans. More specifics here. See further discussion under the Sexual Predator section of Stranger Intruders.


Was the Perp Experienced?

  • Yes. There are some indications of forensic awareness (wiping down flashlight, including batteries; wiping down JBR; absence of fingerprint evidence suggests use of gloves).  
  • No. Victim age indicates younger, inexperienced perpetrator. In addition, based on all the forensic evidence and ransom note, Dale Yeager at Seraph Security Consulting and Training Company in Berwyn concluded "the individual who committed this act had no previous experience with the killing of a human being."


Alphabetical Listing of Suspects 

According to Denver's 7News (ABC), More than 140 people have been investigated as potential suspects, but none could be linked to the crime. The following lists 77 individuals who have been investigated or should have been investigated according to various books, articles, on-line discussion forums, blogs or other Web-based sources. Obviously it does not include everyone investigated by the police but neither should readers assume that everyone listed is included among the 140 who were officially investigated.

  1. Alley Housesitter
  2. Alleyway Boogieman
  3. "Amy" Attacker (Ninja Guy)
  4. Annie Muss Suspect
  5. Apple Repairman
  6. Arapahoe Suspect
  7. B N Jazzy4ever45 (Jazzy) 
  8. Joe Barnhill, Jr. 
  9. BCTC Suspect  
  10. "Candy Cane Man"
  11. Tom Carson 
  12. Evan Colby 
  13. Cowboy Boots Intruder 
  14. Gerald Elkins 
  15. Bob Enyart 
  16. Flippy Esso
  17. Matthew Falcon (The Falcon)
  18. Game Player 
  19. John Gardiner 
  20. Gas Station Man 
  21. Georgia Computer Whiz 
  22. John Steven Gigax
  23. Mike Glynn
  24. Michael Helgoth ("Boots")
  25. Bud and Sandra Henderson
  26. Linda Hoffman-Pugh
  27. Nathan Inouye
  28. Richard Talfryn "Tal" Jones 
  29. John Mark Karr
  30. Dennis Kelly (Basement Painter)
  31. John Kenady
  32. Darrel Kirkwood (aka "Hitman" and David Cooper) 
  33. Lockheed Martin VP
  34. Jack Logan 
  35. Melinda Ramsey Long
  36. Nick Lowe (The Boulder Burglar) 
  37. Jim Marino
  38. Mike McElroy (The Prophet)
  39. Gary McGreen
  40. Bill McReynolds (Santa Bill) 
  41. Bill and Janet McReynolds
  42. Jeff Merrick 
  43. Kathy Merrick 
  44. Gary Merriman 
  45. Glenn Meyer 
  46. Steven Miles
  47. Gary Oliva (The Saint/Thomas Acquinas/Churchmouse)
  48. Robert Pachaly
  49. Jay Pettipeace
  50. Ariana Pugh 
  51. Mervin Pugh 
  52. Kevin Raburn  
  53. Burke Ramsey
  54. John Ramsey
  55. John Andrew Ramsey
  56. Patsy Ramsey
  57. William Ramsey 
  58. Andy Savage (alias used by Mike McElroy (The Prophet) 
  59. Brian Scott 
  60. James Allen Selby (Bankers Hill Rapist)  
  61. Paul Sherer
  62. Randy Simons
  63. Doug Stine
  64. Susan Stine
  65. Street Santa
  66. Geraldine Vodicka (Former Ramsey Housekeeper) 
  67. UC Boulder Political Science Major 
  68. Roxanne Walker
  69. Stewart Walker 
  70. Bob Wallace (Ramsey Handyman)
  71. Bob Wallace's Friend (Ramsey Handyman) 
  72. The Warrior
  73. Rod Westmoreland
  74. Fleet White Jr
  75. Fleet White III
  76. Priscilla White 
  77. Chris Wolf ("The Wolf")


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