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Second Floor

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Back to The House


JonBenet Bedroom

Sheets Urine-Stained?

  • CBI Report. Sources from Colorado Bureau of Investigation state that the sheets on JBR's bed were urine-stained.
  • Lou Smit Account. But it also has been reported  that "Smit said the bedding was not wet or urine-stained."


Santa Bear

  • Where Found. A "Santa bear" was found on a bed in JBR's room (Pam Paugh believed it was on the guest twin bed in JBR's room). The bear appears in crime scene photo #5, but was never collected as evidence.
  • Description. The crime scene color photograph "depicts a fuzzy white bear, about a foot long, lounging in a red, long-sleeved bolero jacket. The bear is sporting a black belt with a small pouch for presents dangling from it....In the picture, the bear appears to be on the comforter of a bed."
  • DA Plea for Help. This bear initially went unrecognized in 1998 police interviews by Patsy and John Ramsey, leading to a formal public plea by DA Alex Hunter on January 28, 1999 for information about such a bear (See acandyrose.com account for relevant interview snippets and Hunter's press release).
  • Bear Awarded in Pageant.
  1. The bear was subsequently determined to be a prize given to JBR from a beauty pageant on December 17, 1996.
  2. In Patsy's August 2000 Atlanta interview, she still did not recollect the bear as she thought JBR had been given a different type of bear in her very last pageant, but Michael Kane explained what police had found out: "LaDonna Graygo purchased the bear, purchased the Santa Bear. It was the prize to JonBenet, and she told us the prize that JonBenet was awarded for winning little Ms. Christmas. That was the prize and it was the only bears that she had, and she got it from someplace in Nebraska, a mail order company."
  3. A later news account stated: "The source said investigators' "proof-positive" about the source of the bear included a statement from the pageant organizer who saw the bear presented to JonBenet, as well as video footage from the pageant showing the bear on a table, among a group of prizes, before it had even been presented to JonBenet." Rocky Mountain News, 8/19/06.
  4. Internet poster Jameson has reported talking to the woman who bought the bear for the pageant and asserts there is "no doubt" about the source of that bear.
  • Bear Later Found? In Patsy's Atlanta interviews in 2000, several segments suggest Patsy later found this bear even though at the time she was still uncertain whether it was received at the pageant (quotes provided by Internet poster ponyduck.. However, other accounts still claim "In February 1999, Boulder police investigators acknowledged that they had never seized it as evidence, and the Ramseys said that they didn't have it" Rocky Mountain News, 8/19/06.
  • John Mark Karr Account. One of the emails sent from John Mark Karr to Michael Tracey included a picture that purported to be Karr as a young child with a "Santa bear" allegedly identical to the one found on JBR's bed (see p. 149 of Karr emails; however, while the origins of this bear originally were a mystery for years (and hence subject to speculation that an intruder had brought the bear perhaps to entice JBR downstairs), the "mystery" subsequently was solved when it was determined the bear was won by JBR in a beauty pageant only nine days before her death. Since Karr allegedly was a well-informed student of the case, it is not clear what his motivation might have been in sending that picture.


JonBenet Bathroom


  • Photos. Photos of this bathroom, taken by Internet poster jameson are here. These include a picture from the doorway, a picture of the sink, a close-up of the sink, the toilet, the bathtub and the back of tub. These pictures were taken after the Ramseys moved out. The built-in drawers in this bathroom that jameson says were used to hold JBR's panties is not visible in these photos.

Panties Feces-Stained?

  • Holly Smith Account. In late 2006, it was reported that Holly Smith, head of Boulder County Sexual Abuse Team, visited JBR's bedroom on the third day of the investigation. "Smith says most of the panties in JonBenet’s dresser drawers had been soiled with fecal material." This account has been challenged on several grounds:
  1. Did "Soiled" = "Dirty"? Internet poster Jameson concurs they were kept in built-in drawers in the bathroom and further notes that the term "soiled" implies they were dirty, not stained. She believes this is dubious as people would have been "truly disgusted" by this and the information likely would have been leaked by Steve Thomas or come out in the police interviews.
  2. Why So Late in Reporting? Especially in light of the sizable amount of information leaked in this case, it is surprising that Smith would wait 10 years after the fact to first report this. Given that so much had leaked far earlier, it seems improbable Smith would have been fearful of the consequences of divulging this information earlier. And if she had ethical/professional inhibitions, what would have changed in 2006 to remove these?
  3. Dresser Reference? Internet poster Margoo has questioned the reference to a "dresser" noting that JBR's "panties were kept in a drawer in the bathroom."
  4. Inconsistency With Search Warrants? Holly Smith's account also appears inconsistent with the search warrants that showed 14-17 pairs of underwear taken on December 26 and 27; yet Hill didn't arrive until December 28. However, Internet poster Rainsong says that in her experience it would not have been unusual to have as many as 21 pairs of underwear for a girl JBR's age, so it's conceivable police left some pairs behind. In Patsy's 2000 Atlanta interviews, deputy DA Michael Kane asserted that 15 pairs of panties had been taken out of JBR's underwear drawer, but there is no indication whether this represented all the pairs found in the panty drawer (page 93, line 12). It's not clear why police would have taken so many pairs yet left some pairs behind.
  • Odor from "Soiled" Panties. Internet poster Athena has observed: "I would also think that if the underwear were actually "soiled" and not stained it would cause a smell in the room and I don't believe that would have been allowed either by Patsy or the housekeeper. I have never heard/read the housekeeper mention finding soiled underwear in JBR's drawers either and do believe she would not have hesitated in pointing it out during the investigation."
  • Panties in Jeans. Internet poster Britt claims "They also found JB's jeans on the bathroom floor, inside out, with feces mess still on them" but no documentation for this claim is provided and it appears to be a mistaken reference to stained panties. Internet poster Margoo has provided an excerpt from Patsy's 1998 police interview, concluding that this shows: "there was a pair of stained panties on the floor, still sitting inside the pants JBR had been wearing and changed out of."


Size 4-6 Panties

  • Did JBR Own Smaller Day-of-the-Week Bloomies?
  1. In her June 24, 1998 interview, Patsy was asked the following by Thomas Haney: "Did JonBenet have panties with the names of each day of the week on it?" PATSY RAMSEY: Uh-hum. THOMAS HANEY: Okay. And did she wear those according to the day of the week or was it just kind of -- PATSY RAMSEY: Just whatever. THOMAS HANEY: Did she know, pay much attention to what day of the week it was? PATSY RAMSEY: No. THOMAS HANEY: So whatever would come out of the drawer? PATSY RAMSEY: (Nodding). Transcript (236:16-25; 237:1-4). Note that no indication was given whether these were Bloomies or some other brand.
  2. In her August 28, 2000 police interview, Patsy Ramsey stated the following:

"I think that I bought a package of the -- they came in a package of Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. I think I bought a package to give to my niece (80:lines 22-25; 81: line 1).

  1. Bruce Levin later asked: "So if I understand you correctly, you bought one package for Jenny Davis, your niece, and one for JonBenet?" Patsy responded: "I am not sure if I bought one or two." (81:lines 10-14).
  2. Bruce Levin later asked: "Did you say you bought more than one set of Bloomi's?" Patsy responded: "I can't remember." Levin: "You bought some for JonBenet?" Patsy: "I can't remember" (91:lines 6-10).
  3. Bruce Levin later asked again: "Okay. I am slightly confused, and I would like this clarified. When I first started to ask you about the purchase of the panties in November, I got the impression that you were somewhat unclear as to whether you bought two sets or one. In follow-up questions, I got the impression that you felt confident that you only bought one. Do you know?" Patsy responded: "I really can't remember." (111:lines 12-21).
  • Kane Claim. In the August 28, 2000 interview with Patsy Ramsey, deputy DA Michael Kane asserted that of the 15 pairs of underwear taken from JBR's underwear drawer in the bathroom, "every one of those was either a size four or a size six" (93:line 21).
  • First Boulder Search Warrant. The first Boulder search warrant lists 12 pairs of underwear.

"The following is an inventory of property taken pursuant to the search warrant:

Underwear (9JRB)

Girls underwear (36BAH)

Girls underwear (56BAH)

(1) girls underwear (61BAH)

(1) girls underwear (62BAH)

Five pair girls underwear (76BAH)

Two pair girls underwear (77RAH)"


  • Second Boulder Search Warrant. The second Boulder search warrant lists 14 pairs of underwear, but some of these apparently duplicate items listed in the earlier warrant:

"The following in an inventory of property taken pursuant to the search warrant:

pair of underwear (45BAB)

child’s underwear (57BAB)

child’s underwear (58BAB)

child’s underwear (59BAB)

underwear (8JRB)

(1) girls underwear (56BAH)

(1) girls underwear (61BAH)

(1) girls underwear (62BAH)

five pair girls underwear (76BAH)

two pair girls underwear (77BAH)




Oversized Panties

  • JBR was found in a pair of size 12-14 panties not appropriate for her age; these were from a package of "day-of-the-week" panties that come 7 in a package.
  1. Patsy Purchased Panties in November 1996. In her August 28, 2000 police interview, Patsy stated that she had purchased these panties for her niece, Jenny Davis (81:line 3).
  2. Over-sized Underwear Placed in JBR Underwear Drawer. In the same interview, Bruce Levin asked: "Okay. What we are trying to understand is whether--we are trying to understand why she is wearing such a large pair of underpants. We are hoping you can help us if you have a recollection of it." Patsy responded: "I am sure that I put the package of underwear in her bathroom, and she opened them and put them on" (83:lines 21-25; 84: lines 1-3).
  3. In the same interview, Jane Harmer asked: "Do you recall making a decision then not to give them to Jenny or did JonBenet express an interest in them; therefore, you didn't give them to Jenny? How did that --" Patsy responded: "I can't say for sure. I mean, I think I bought them with the intention of sending them in a package of Christmas things to Atlanta. Obviously I didn't get that together, so I just put them in her, her panty drawer. So they were free game" (87:lines 3-12).
  4. According to Internet poster jameson "The package was left in the house when the police finished their investigation. Ramsey investigators took posession (sic) of the package." Jameson also asserted: "The package was in her bedroom or bathroom - the police simply didn't understand how important it might be so left it." According to Internet poster Bluecrab: "My understanding is that the 12/14's were kept in the bedroom in their original packaging and had not been opened until the night of the murder."
  5. When Was Package Turned Over to Boulder Investigators? Jameson was not specific about timing, but claimed: "The package and panties, IMO, needed to be processed as evidence. I know it wasn't done when the BPD had the case." It was reported in mid-2003 that "investigators never even asked to see the other panties in the matching set her mother bought her (though the DA's office now has them, Wood says)." (Clay Evans, "We're Failing JonBenet" Boulder Daily Camera, June 15, 2003). It is not clear at what point in time this transfer to BPD would have been made, but presumably was sometime after the Boulder DA took over the case in late 2002 and June 2003.
  6. Though she would not reveal her source, jameson further stated: "I didn't get that information from Patsy - I got it from someone who was in possession of the package of panties - and I assure you it was not John or Patsy."
  • National Enquirer Account. Readers should take the following with a grain of salt, but this is the account of the panties provided by National Enquirer: "On the shopping spree, which included a visit to Bloomingdales', Patsy paid $24.99 for a size 12/14 set of "bloomies" panties with the days of the week on them for her niece, a girl older than JonBenét, according to a source. The seven-panty set was identical to one JonBenét had -- only hers were a size 6. When the gals returned to Boulder from their trip, Patsy was going to send the larger panties to her niece, but JonBenét wanted to keep them, an insider confides. "JonBenét and her mom were in her room when Patsy pulled out the pack of size 12 panties," says the insider. "An excited JonBenét told her mom, 'Don't send those to Aunt Polly -- I want them, I want them!' "When Patsy answered, 'But they are much too big for you,' JonBenét said, 'That's OK, Mom, I'll grow into them.' So Patsy opened the packages and put them into a bathroom drawer next to JonBenét's identical set of size 6 panties." Patsy kept the panties in a drawer in the bathroom -- instead of in the bedroom for convenience sake, says a source, because JonBenét often had to be washed and changed at night due to her frequent bed-wetting. But the source insists that JonBenét had never worn the larger briefs until the night of her death!"
  • Linda Hoffman-Pugh Account. "These weren't naughty children. They dressed themselves, and Patsy did JonBenet's hair. All her daughter's clothes were organized in drawers. Turtlenecks in one drawer, pants in another, nighties and panties in one, socks in another. Dates on all their underclothes (Emphasis added; this material is an excerpt from Schiller 1999 available online). Although this account does not indicate the actual size of JBR's dated underwear, nor does it indicate they were Bloomie's, this account from the Ramsey housekeeper is consistent with the National Enquirer account of there being a smaller size set of day-of-the-week Bloomies in the appropriate size for JBR.


Laundry Area

  • Red Turtleneck. Patsy had wanted JBR to wear a red turtleneck to the White's party on December 25, but JBR wanted to wear something else (June 1998 interview excerpt posted by Internet poster Margoo).
  1. Turtleneck Was Not Wet. In her April, 1997 police interviews Patsy described what she did on the morning of December 26: "I stopped kind of briefly there in the laundry room area um, and I remember the ironing board was up I think and I fussed around with this little red jumpsuit of JonBenet’s cause it had, had some spots on it and I was going to remember to do something with that when I got back and uh, so I had, I had the light on in there in the laundry room area" (quote and source provided by Internet poster Margoo).
  2. Thomas Theory. In Steve Thomas's theory outlined in his book, JBR wore the red turtleneck home from the White's and it became urine-stained when JBR wet the bed, causing Patsy's explosive rage culminating in JBR's death. Yet according to Internet poster Margoo, Thomas later acknowledged he neither knew the turtleneck was wet or urine-stained.


John Andrew's Bedroom

  • Location. JAR's bedroom was used as a guest bedroom and was immediately adjacent to JBR's room, though they did not share a door.
  • Rope Inside Sack in JAR Bedroom. "a rope was found inside a brown paper sack in the guest bedroom on the second floor; defendants have indicated that neither of these items belonged to them. (SMF P 181; PSMF P 181.) Regardless of its ownership, there is no explanation why a bag containing a rope would be in the guest bedroom (SMF P 181; PSMF P 181).
  1. Sack Appears Connected to Crime. Further, small pieces of the material on this brown sack were found in the "vacuuming" of JonBenet's bed and in the body bag that was used to transport her body (SMF P 181; PSMF P 181), thereby suggesting that either the bag had been near JonBenet or that someone who had touched the bag had also touched JonBenet." (Carnes 2003:93-94). Internet poster Jameson says she has been assured by investigators that this rope was not part of the "Western Christmas tree" kept in that room, nor was it the same as the rope seen in pictures of JBR dressed in a cowboy hat.
  2. Sack May Not Be Connected to Crime. Internet poster Tricia has argued that there is no proof this rope and bag had anything to do with JBR's death. She has provided additional evidence here; here, here; here; and here.
  3. According to 48 Hours, November 25, 2006, Lou Smit knows "for certain" the rope found in John Andrew Ramsey bedroom has never been tested for forensic evidence. Internet poster oneeyedJack has observed that the rope should have been tested to find out what possible geographic area it came from: "A lot can be learned from dirt and plant fibers. The rope is filthy and could be a rich source of information."
  • Bedspread Disturbed. There was a slight disturbance in the bedspread at the floor, indicating the possibility that someone had crawled out from under the bed. Internet poster Margoo has posted a photo of the bed with the disturbed ruffle. Internet poster Brandon has posted a close-up photo of the disturbed portion of the ruffle.


Burke's Bedroom


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