The Ligatures


Autopsy Findings


Non-Autopsy Findings

  1. Complicated Knots. "JonBenet's body was bound with complicated rope slipknots and a garrotte attached to her body. (Defs.' Br. In Supp. Of Summ. J. 67 at 19; SMF P 163; PSMF P 163.)" (Carnes 2003:17).
  2. Garrote Handle from Paintbrush. "The garrote consisted of a wooden handle fashioned from the middle of a paintbrush, found in the paint tray in the boiler room. The end of a nylon cord was tied to this wooden handle and, on the other end, was a loop with a slipknot, with JonBenet's neck within the loop. (SMF PP 157-158; PSMF PP 157-158.)" (Carnes 2003:17).
  3. Missing Paintbrush End. "The end portion of the paintbrush used to construct the garrote was never found. (SMF P 159; PSMF P 159.)" (Carnes 2003:18).
  4. Cord Fibers in JBR Bed. "Further, fibers consistent with those of the cord used to make the slip knots and garrote were found on JonBenet's bed. (SMF P 168; PSMF P 168.)


Were Knots Sophisticated?


Could Ramseys Tie Such Knots?


Where Did Cord Come From?

  1. Description. The cord used was traced to Stansport; it comes in 50' and 100' lengths (item #N-50). According to Internet poster heymom it is also known as "Coghlan's Cord."
  2. Where Sold. Authorities determined that this cord was sold at Boulder Army Store and McGuckin's. Internet poster BluesStrat has provided a picture of similar cord taken at McGuckin's Hardware store by Frank Coffman (aka Masked Man).
  3. Purchased by Patsy? Steve Thomas's book claimed that a receipt from McGuckin's for the exact amount of this particular type of cord was traced to the Ramsey's. However, Coffman's photograph listed above suggested that the cord actually sold for a different price.
  1. American Girl Doll Cord Not a Match. However, it is very clear from the autopsy photos and from the language used in the autopsy that the cord used for the wrist ties and the garrote was flat and not rounded and hence could not have come from the doll.
  2. American Girl Doll Cord Too Short. Internet poster Sue also has reported that in comparing the length of the cord used for the garrote vs. the cord from one of her American Girl dolls, the latter cord would be too short unless 2 of them were tied together (but there is no evidence of the latter).