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The House

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JonBenét Ramsey Case Encyclopedia


House Location

  • Address. Address: 755 15th St., Boulder. It is the third house south of Cascade Street, on the west side of 15th Street, with the front door facing east, towards 15th Street (MacDonald 1996). Five years ago, the address changed to 749 15th St.
  • For Sale. As of July 2006, the property was listed for sale, but it no longer was listed by late September 2006. Zillow.com shows no sale of the home since 2004. In July 2006, Internet poster Candy reported the house had been on the market since November 2005, but her post too has been removed.
  • Aerial Photo. You can see an aerial photo in Google Earth by putting 749 15th St., Boulder, CO in the search bar, but the resolution is not very good. You also can see an aerial view at zillow.com, but it's not a particularly close-up view. A much clearer schematic map that shows the orientation of Ramsey house on the lot and relative to its neighbors is here. The best single aerial photo is from CourtTV, but it is so close up that it only provides a limited view of neighboring houses.
  • See Webbsleuths forum chat


Floor Diagrams

Full House

  • Diagram with Key Evidence Locations. An excellent diagram of all three floors of the house (plus basement) that shows where key evidence was found is here.
  • Diagram with Photos and Evidence Locations. A different version with less details but that includes small photos of various rooms is here.
  • Exploded Diagram. An "exploded view" provides a good way of seeing how rooms line up with one another floor by floor.
  • 3-D Diagram. A 3-D version also is available.


Diagrams of Individual Floors



  • Basement Video. This is video shot by BPD showing broken window with spider web and suitcase under window.
  • Ramsey Home Tour VideosThese 6 videos, featuring retired Homicide Detective Ollie Gray from Colorado Springs, show various views of the interior and exterior of the Ramsey house.
    • Video 1A.
      • :39 - West facing window well (possible point of entry)
      • 22:58 - Ramsey home interiors
    • Video 1B
      • :17 - Third floor John and Patsy’s master bedroom

      • 20:37 - Second floor

      • 24:41 - JonBenet’s second floor bedroom

    • Video 1C
      • :18 - JonBenet’s balcony
      • 1:37 - JonBenet’s bathroom
      • 7:23 - Top of spiral staircase
      • 8:47 - Walking down spiral staircase
    • Video 2A
      • :00 - Second floor
      • 11:45 - Burke’s bedroom
      • 18:16 - Main floor Butler 
    • Video 2B
      • :12 - Main floor kitchen
      • 18:14 - Top three stairs to the basement
      • 18:23 - Adjoining second set of stairs to the basement
      • 22:27 - Viewpoint of closed door to storage room. This is a different door than original
      • 26:52 - Basement of storage room where her body was found.
    • Video 2C 
      • :00 - Basement
      • 4:23 - Different suitcase under window where original suitcase was found 
  • Photos. The website acandyrose.com contains a large number of photos of the house. Note this caution about photos labeled "crime scene photograph."


Evidence Taken From House

  • Evidence Summary. A summary of all the evidence taken from the house under various search warrants is provided here.
  • Evidence List including Locations Where Found. A version that lists where items were found, the date and officer who signed for the evidence is her.
  • News Coverage of Property Searches. The Daily Camera news coverage of property searches is listed here.


Potential Points of Entry


The Basement


First Floor


Second Floor


Third Floor

  • John and Patsy Bedroom. The only thing on the third floor level was the Ramsey's bedroom.
  1. A screenshot from CourtTV posted by Internet poster Jayelles shows the unmade right side of the bed.
  • No Doors. There are 2 staircases leading to this room. Neither had a door at top or bottom. The staircase that came out on the second floor closest to the spiral staircase used by Patsy when she found the ransom note entered the second floor just outside JBR's bedroom.
  • Danish Book Found.
  1. According to Internet poster Braveheart (in a now-deleted thread), "a book written in Danish language by David Pilgrim found on Patsy's dresser (this would be one of two books, or both, written by Hilary Aidan St. George Saunders and John Leslie Palmer, British authors, writing under the pseudonym of David Pilgrim; "No Common Glory" & "The Grand Design", both available in German, English and Danish translations. They are classified as historical crime fiction novels. I don’t know the plot of these but my guess is that since neither John nor Patsy spoke Danish, and didn’t recognize the book, these have something to do with the crime and were left by the murderer."
  2. According to Internet poster Evening2, "a book was found on Patsy's dresser which she had never seen before nor had she ever read. The book was written in Danish. The title of the book is "The Grand Design", by David Pilgrim. David Pilgrim is one of many pseudonyms that was used by two authors. In 1998 police interviews, Patsy said neither she nor John spoke Danish and she did not know where this book came from.



The Baseball Bat

A bat not known to belong to Ramseys was found on a stone ledge near the butler door, which is not an area where children normally would have played with a bat. See Crime Scene-Suspicious Evidence at acandyrose.com for further details about the bat.

  • Where the Bat was Found. The north side near the butler door.
  • Crime Scene Photo #410 shows a picture of the bat laying on a stone ledge that appears to form the top of the foundation next to the house.
    • This location is near the butler door.
  • Was the Bat Thrown? In the early morning of 12/26, a neighbor reported hearing a clanging sound such as metal on concrete, leading some to speculate the perp had thrown the bat down after escaping through the butler door.
    • But given the position of the bat and narrowness of the ledge (~1 foot?) in the photograph above, it appears to have been laid, rather than thrown, onto its location.
    • If this bat was left in a hurry by an intruder who thought someone had awakened in the house, it would seem unnecessarily risky to throw a metal bat onto a stone surface--thereby alerting anyone inside the house to that individual's location.
    • Likewise, if the intruder had successfully escaped without awakening anyone, it would seem needlessly reckless to risk waking someone with a clanging bat.
    • But in either case, it is puzzling that the individual would leave the bat on a stone ledge as opposed to tossing it or laying it in the grass.
  • Carpet Fiber(s) Found on Bat
    • Judge Carnes Opinion. The Carnes opinion states that the bat "has fibers consistent with fibers found in the carpet in the basement where JonBenet's body was found. (SMF P 185; PSMF P 185.)" (Carnes 2003:20).
    • RMN Account. However, a newspaper account allude to a single fiber: "A carpet fiber from the basement was found on that bat." Rocky Mountain News
  • Baseball Bat Not Owned by Ramseys. "A baseball bat not owned by the Ramseys found on the north side of the house has fibers consistent with fibers found in the carpet in the basement where JonBenet's body was found. (SMF P 185; PSMF P 185.)" (Carnes 2003:20).
    • Patsy Ramsey Interview. From the police transcripts of the National Enquirer book page 229 (Quote and source from Internet poster Tricia): TH:(Tom Haney): "How about the bat itself, does that look--" PR (Patsy Ramsey): Well, I can't say for sure. Burke would probably know." TH: "Do you know how many bats he might have had? Would he have had more than one?" PR: "I don't think so. I mean, I think that looks metal. Metal bats are pretty--I mean, they are not cheap. So, I can't imagine--I don't think he had more than one, if he had one." TH: "But he did have one?" PR: "It seems like he had one, but I can't say if it was that one."
    • John Ramsey View. The Rocky Mountain News reported that "Two baseball bats are found on the property, but John Ramsey said he didn't recognize one of the bats and believed the family owned only one." RMN also reported "The out-of-place bat was found on the north side of the house, where children don't play."

The Bike Tracks

  • Tracks in Grass. Bike tracks were found in the grass leading away from the house. 
  • Intruder Tracks? Internet poster Bluecrab claims that an invited intruder such as Nathan Inouye or other friend of Burke could have used a bike to get away from the house. 
  • Burke's Tracks? Others have suggested the tracks more likely are from Burke riding his bike on Christmas day, an activity observed by neighbor Joe Barnhill.

Snow on the Ground

  • What Police Reported. Sergeant Paul Reichenbach had arrived at 6:45 AM and searched the outside of the house. He reported no footprints were found in the crusty/frosty snow which covered "much of the grass" (but the brick walkways were clear of snow) (Schiller 1999a:57). Many view this as evidence there could not have been an intruder. However:
  1. Crime Scene Photos. But it was later reported  "In fact, police photographs taken before 9 a.m. the morning of JonBenet's death show much of the perimeter of the house, including walkways, free of snow." Photo 1 Photo 2.
  2. What Media Reported. Newsweek reported that "there was only patchy snow on the property. JonBenet had ridden her Christmas present, a bike, on the backyard patio the day before" (Glick et al. 1998).
  3. What Judge Carnes Concluded. However, "contrary to media reports that had discredited an intruder theory, based on the lack of a "footprint in the snow," there was no snow covering the sidewalks and walkways to defendants' home on the morning of December 26, 1996. (SMF P 139; PSMF P 139.) Hence, a person walking along these paths would have left no footprints" (Carnes 2003:90).
  • Precipitation Data. Internet poster Braveheart has done the most careful work in examining the temperature and precipitation data, concluding that one cannot rule out an intruder based on this evidence. Meteorologist Katrina Voss has reached a similar conclusion.


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