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undrtheradar biosketch

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undrtheradar Biosketch

(posted February 28, 2007)



My name is Keith Greer aka undrtheradar, I was born and raised in Akron, Oh. I am 35 years old. In 1990, my senior year in high school, I had the honor of being named the Summit County Player of The Year in men's basketball. It earned me a full athletic scholarship to play for a division 1 school in the city that I still reside in. And that city is not Minneapolis. In fact I have never been to Minnesota. There is a very good reason why my location would often appear as Minnesota when I posted in topix.net. And that is because at the time I was posting, I was posting from work. And my employer at the time was UnitedHealthCare. And since UnitedHealthCares headquarters and IT were located in Minnesota, it would register my location as Minnesota. When I would post from home it would not give a location.



I have now decided to come out and reveal my true identity because I am ready to defend my theory, and to let Rodney Westmoreland and Lin Wood know that I will not be intimidated by their lawsuit against me. I will not be frightened threats against me made by Rodney Westmoreland. The first thing that everyone who has ever met me will say is that I don't scare easy and I won't back down from no one. And if Rodney Westmoreland believes that his status as a Fat Cat will intimidate me, he is sadly mistaken. I am ready to look him in his eyes and tell him to his face that yes I believe he wrote the ransom note and most likely killed Jonbenet. And to tell him that no he will not proceed anonymously. I will go to the mountain top and scream his name and let the world know what he did. He will have to answer to the charges I have made against him openly and in public, not anonymously as he wants. It is time after 10 years for you to come out of the shadows. People have read my postings in topix.net and have decided to pass judgement on me. But what they are not factoring is that those comments were made directly to someone who I believed to be Rodney Westmoreland, a cold blooded, controlling and manipulating killer. You can't talk to someone like that nicely. He tried many times to control and manipulate me also. So Rodney, you don't have to look for me anymore, my name is Keith Greer and soon I will be coming to your town to answer this lawsuit you have filed against me. But remember, the world will now hear my theory and I will let the people decide your guilt or innocence. You will have to answer to my theory.


Now I want to leave everyone with this thought about the Jonbenet Ramsey case. It is time to put to rest this myth that this case is about Jonbenet Ramsey and a killer who was infatuated with her. This case is not about Jonbenet Ramsey, this case is about John Ramsey. Sadly Jonbenet was the collateral damage from this dispute between John and this killer. The proof is in the ransom note. No where in the ransom note does this killer ever mention Jonbenet by name. He doesn't even say Patsy Ramsey, or Burke Ramsey. He says Mr. Ramsey, John, John, John, your daughter John, your bank account John. This is one of many reasons why when John Karr was arrested I knew right away he wasn't the killer even though he was confessing. And that is because how could someone who was so infatuated with Jonbenet, never mention her by name in a 2 1/2 page ransom note? This killer was infatuated with John Ramsey. That note was written by a friend of John Ramsey, an intimate friend, a "fat cat".


In closing I have a thought about John Ramsey. I am pretty confident that neither he nor Patsy killed Jonbenet. But I will say this, if the only thing that stood between me and figuring out who killed my daughter is determining who wrote the ransom note, I believe that after 10 years I would have been able to figure it out or at least have a strong feeling of who wrote it. This killer was sending John a direct message at the end of the note, a message that he believed only he and John would understand. I don't want to say the "c" word, that would be to strong a word, maybe I'm just saying that I would have figured it out but John just can't. As strange as this case is, I truly believe that it gets stranger. There is something going on here that I will admit I am not able to put my finger on yet.


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