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Who Is Who in JBR Case

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JonBenét Ramsey Case Encyclopedia


Nick Van Der Leek has provided a comprehensive and updated (7-11-2018) listing of 124 individuals related to the JonBenet Ramsey case, including photos where available. Jameson has provided links to those topics her website.


Ramsey Family

  • Biographical profiles here
  • Genealogy. Genealogy here; includes 13 generations back to Mayflower passengers John Alden and Priscilla Mullins, who were 10th great grandparents of Jonbenét.
  • News Coverage. See the Daily Camera's index of 13 headlines/stories related to JonBenet and Family.  


John Ramsey's Second Family

Ramsey, John Bennett (Jonbenét's father) [photo].  Wikipedia. Webbsleuths forum chat

Ramsey, Patricia "Patsy" Paugh (Jonbenét's mother) [photo; deceased 6.24.06]. WikipediaWebbsleuths forum chat.

Ramsey, Burke Hamilton (Jonbenét's brother) [photo]. Webbsleuths forum chat. See the Daily Camera's index of 6 headlines/stories related to Burke Ramsey. 

Ramsey, JonBenét [photo; deceased 12.26.96] Wikipedia


John Ramsey's First Family

Johnson, Lucinda Pasch Ramsey (John Ramsey's first wife).

Long, Melinda Ramsey (Jonbenét's older half sister) [photo]. Webbsleuths forum chat.

Long, III, Dr. Stewart (John Ramsey's son in law)

Ramsey, Elizabeth “Beth” (Jonbenét's eldest half sister) [photodeceased 1992].

Ramsey, John Andrew (Jonbenét's older half brother) [photo]. Webbsleuths forum chat.


John Ramsey's Childhood Family

Ramsey, Jeff (John Ramsey's brother) [photo]

Ramsey, Peggy (John Ramsey's sister in law; Jeff's wife)


Patsy Ramsey's Childhood Family

Paugh, Donald (Patsy Ramsey's father) [deceased]

Paugh, Nedra (Patsy Ramsey's mother) [photodeceased in 2001]

Paugh, Pamela "Pam" (Patsy Ramsey's younger sister) [photo]. Webbsleuths forum chat.

Davis, Pauline "Polly” Paugh (Patsy Ramsey's youngest sister). Webbsleuths forum chat.

Davis, Grant (Patsy Ramsey's brother in law)

Craig, Debbie Shepler (Patsy Ramsey's cousin) Webbsleuths forum chat.


Ramsey Friends

Biographical profiles here (45 profiles)


Atlanta Area Friends

Crowder, Judy (Lucinda Ramsey's neighbor in Atlanta)

Harrington, Pastor Dr. W. Frank (Ramsey minister in Atlanta)

Justice, Mary (Ramsey friend in Atlanta)

Kloster, Dr Gil (Ramsey friend in Atlanta)

Kloster, Jayne (Ramsey friend in Atlanta)

Simpson, Carole (Ramsey friend in Atlanta)


Boulder Area Friends

Colby, Evan (friend of Burke Ramsey, next door neighbor and possible suspect).

Colby, Kyle (Evan’s brother, friend of Burke Ramsey and next door neighbor).

Draper, Carl and Francis (invited Ramseys to New Year's Eve party, 12-31-96). See acandyrose.com profile.

Durgin, Leslie (Boulder Mayor at the time of JonBenet’s murder) 

Elowsky, "Pasta" Jay (John Ramsey's business associate & family friend) [photo]. Webbsleuths forum chat.

Fernie, Barbara (Ramsey friend) Webbsleuths forum chat.

Fernie, John (Ramsey friend, real estate developer for McStain Enterprises) Webbsleuths forum chat.

Hoverstock, Rev. Rol (Ramsey minister, Rector of St. John’s Episcopal Church in Boulder) [photo]. See profile at acandyrose.com. Webbsleuths forum chat.

McReynolds, Bill (Santa, possible suspect) [photodeceased in 2002]. 

McReynolds , Janet (Santa's wife and possible suspect) [photo].

Stine, Glen (Ramsey friend in Boulder)

Stine, Susan (Ramsey friend in Boulder and possible suspect) [photo]. Webbsleuths forum chat.

Stine, Doug (son of Glen and Susan; friend of Burke and possible suspectWebbsleuths forum chat.

Walker, Roxanne “Roxy” (Ramsey friend in Boulder and possible suspect)

Walker, Stewart (Ramsey friend in Boulder and possible suspect)

White, Jr., Fleet Russsell (Ramsey friend in Boulder and possible suspect) [photo].  Webbsleuths forum chat.

White, Priscilla Brown (Ramsey friend in Boulder and possible suspect) [photo]. Webbsleuths forum chat.

White, III, Fleet (son of Fleet White, Jr. and Priscilla, friend of JBR and Burke and (possible suspect) [photo].

White, Daphne (daughter of Fleet White, Jr. and Priscilla, friend of JBR) [photo].


Other Friends

McLean, Linda Edison (Long time friend of Patsy Ramsey)

Smith, Betty (friend of Patsy's from WV)

Smith, Jim (friend of Patsy's from WV)

Stevens, Dr. Donald (University friend of John Ramsey)

Williams, Gloria (had an affair with John Ramsey in late 1970's)


Other Boulder Area Residents

Immediate Neighbors

Barnhill, Betty (Ramsey neighbor to east of Ramseys at 764 15th St.[deceased]. Webbsleuths forum chat

Barnhill, Joe (Ramsey neighbor to east of Ramseys at 764 15th St.) [photo]. Webbsleuths forum chat

Brumfitt, Diane (school counselor and Ramsey neighbor to south of Ramseys at 745 15th St.Webbsleuths forum chat

Dillon, Margaret (Ramsey neighbor in Boulder)

Fortier, Jean (Ramsey neighbor to south of Ramseys at 743 15th St.Webbsleuths forum chat. 

Gibbons, Scott (Ramsey neighbor to north of Ramseys at 765 15th St.Webbsleuths forum chat.

Haney, Carla (Boulder neighbor who walked her dog at 1am on 12/26/96)

Limerick, Patricia (Ramsey neighbor in Boulder) Webbsleuths forum chat.

McHue, Leslie (Ramsey neighbor in Boulder).

Meyers, Glenn (boarded with the Barnhills).

Miles, Stephen (neighbor 6 blocks away and possible suspect; see Stephen Miles vs. John Ramsey, National Enquirer Libel Case).

Stanton, Luther (Ramsey neighbor to southeast of Ramseys at 738 15th St.Webbsleuths forum chat

Stanton, Melody (wife of Luther Stanton at 738 15th St.Webbsleuths forum chat


Other Boulder Residents

Boykin, Gwen (step-sister to "Tal" Jones and goddaughter of Fleet White, Sr.)

Brech, Dennis (friend of Jay Elowsky and Head Minister of Mount Hope Lutheran Church in Boulder)

Christoff, Alyce (mother of Gwen Boykin)

Coffman, Frank (Boulder Halloween mask maker and free-lance writer allegedly assaulted by John Ramsey). See acandyrose.com profile.

Durgin, Leslie (mayor of Boulder) [photo]

Hadas, Pamela (paralegal for Thomas "Doc" Miller)

Jones, Richard Talfryn "Tal" (step brother to Gwen Boykin the godaughter of Fleet White Senior)

Phillips, Robert (former husband of Judith Phillips; Internet poster Biz lists name as Gary Phillips).


Non-Boulder Residents Involved in Investigation

Jazzy (on-line poster BnJazzy4ever45 confessed to killing) Webbsleuths forum chat.

Krebs, Nancy (claimed to have been a past victim of sexual abuse by John Ramsey and Fleet White Jr.) Webbsleuths forum chat.

Patricia (Wrote emails pretending to be Patsy Ramsey) Webbsleuths forum chat.

Selby, James Allen (confessed to killing) Webbsleuths forum chat.


People Who Worked for Access Graphics

Glynn, Mike (Access Graphics' "disgruntled employee")

Hallis, Diane (former Access Graphics employee who observed John Ramsey's behavior in office following JBR's death)

Marino, Jim (Access Graphics employee and Ramsey friend)

Merrick, Jeff (former Ramsey friend and employee at Access Graphics and possible suspect)

Merrick, Kathy (wife of Jeff and possible suspect)

Stobie, Jane (former employee of Access Graphics)

Wagner, Laurie (Ramsey friend and employee of Access Graphics)


People Who Did Paid Work for Ramseys

Archuleta, Mike (John Ramsey's pilot) [photo].

Archuleta, Pam (Mike Archuleta's ex-wife and friend of Patsy [photo])

Beuf, Dr. Francesco (Jonbenét's pediatrician & Ramsey friend) [photo]

Beuf, Penni (Dr Beuf's wife).

Brady, Shirley (Ramsey nanny).

Griffin, Kristine (Pam Griffin's daughter and Ramsey babysitter) [photo].

Griffin, Pamela (Jonbenét's costume designer) [photo].

Hand, Tom (architect in charge of remodeling Ramsey residence).

Hoffman-Pugh, Linda (Ramsey housekeeper in Boulder and possible suspect) [photoWebbsleuths forum chat.

Inouye, Nathan (sometimes baby-sitter for Ramseys and possible suspect)

Pettipeace, Jay (house painter)

Phillips, Judith (Ramsey family photographer and former Ramsey friend, married to Thomas "Doc" Miller) [photo]. Webbsleuths forum chat.

Pugh, Mervin (husband of Linda Hoffman-Pugh, Ramsey handyman) [photo]

Hand, Tom (Ramsey Boulder architect)

Savage, Suzanne (Ramsey nanny) Webbsleuths forum chat.

Scott, Brian (Ramsey gardener) [photo].

Simons, Randy (Jonbenét's photographer)

Westmoreland, J. Rod (Ramsey friend and financial advisor in Atlanta)

Wilcox, Linda (Ramsey housekeeper) Webbsleuths forum chat.


Ramsey Legal Team 

See 14 profiles.

Armistead, H. Ellis (former Lakewood police officer and private investigator employed by the Ramsey lawyers)

Burke, Patrick J. (Denver lawyer hired to represent Patsy Ramsey)

Bynum, Mike (Boulder lawyer and friend first contacted by the Ramseys) [photo].

Douglas, John (Renowned former FBI criminal profiler and consultant to the Ramsey lawyers)

Furman, Hugh Patrick (University of Colorado law professor and lawyer for Patsy Ramsey)

Gray, William (Ramsey lawyer)

Haddon, Hal (Denver defense lawyer and Democrat strategist whose firm represented John Ramsey et al.)

Jenkins, James K. (lawyer hired by John Ramsey for his ex-wife Lucinda Pasch).

Korten, Patrick (Washington media consultant hired by the Ramseys in 1996 and fired in March 1997).

Morgan, Grady Bryan (Boulder lawyer representing Ramseys and law partner of Hal Haddon) [photo].

Stavely, John (associate in law firm of Mike Bynum).

Williams, David (Private investigator hired by the Ramsey lawyers)

Wood, L.Lin (Ramsey civil lawyer) [photo]

Zimmer, Rachel (Ramsey spokeswoman following Korten’s discharge in 1997)


Law Enforcement

Boulder Police Department

Biographical profiles here (26 profiles). The Daily Camera stories about who has left the investigation are here.

Boulder Police Department Home Page

Arndt, Linda (BPD detective at Ramsey home on morning of 12/26) [photo]. Webbsleuths forum chat page. 

Barcklow, Sue (BPD officer).

Beckner, Mark (BPD Police Chief who replaced Tom Koby) [photo].

Byfield, Jim (BPD detective at Ramsey home on morning of 12/26). Webbsleuths forum chat page. 

Eller, John (Commander of the BPD detective division) [photo]. Webbsleuths forum chat page.

Everett, Michael (BPD detective at Ramsey home on morning of 12/26). Webbsleuths forum chat page

French, Rick (First BPD officer at the Ramsey home following the 911 call) [photo].

Gossage, Ron (BPD Detective)

Haney, Thomas (BPD Detective, conducted June 1998 interrogation of Patsy Ramsey)

Harmer, Jane (BPD Detective) [photo].

Hickman, Melissa (BPD Detective dropped from Ramsey case in April 1997)

Koby, Tom (Retired Chief, BPD) [photo]. Webbsleuths forum chat page. 

Patterson, Fred (BPD officer who arrived at same time as Arndt) [photo]

Reichenbach, Paul (BPD patrol sergeant and former detective who searched Burke’s room) 

Thomas, Steve (BPD detective and book author) photo; photo. Webbsleuths forum chat page

Trujillo, Tom (BPD detective sergeant).

Veitch, Karl (First BPD officer at the Ramsey home following the 911 call--arrived with French) [photo].

Weiss, Barry (BPD police photographer). Webbsleuths forum chat page

Whitson, Robert (BPD detective sergeant and book author). Webbsleuths forum chat page

Wickman, Tom (BPD detective who presented the police case to the Grand Jury).


Other Investigators

Baer, Richard N. (Denver attorney with Sherman & Howard, L.L.C. who provided BPD pro bono legal advice).

Hoffman, Dan (past University of Denver Law School dean who provided BPD pro bono legal advice).

Kenda, Joe (former Colorado Springs Police Department homicide detective. Featured on the television show, Homicide Hunter).

Meyer, John E. (Boulder County Coroner who performed autopsy on JonBenet’s body).

Miller, Robert N. (former U.S. attorney who provided BPD pro bono legal advice).

Smith, Holly (Director of Boulder County Sexual Abuse Team and author of Fire of the Five Hearts Amazon.com).

Tracey, Michael (While not a paid investigator, Tracey worked with Boulder law enforcement to capture suspect John Mark Karr). Wikipedia. In-depth profile by Alan Prendergast. 

Walker, Ron (FBI agent). Webbsleuths forum chat page.


Boulder District Attorney

Biographical profiles here (40 profiles)

Boulder District Attorney Home Page

DeMuth, Trip (former Boulder prosecutorconducted June 1998 interrogation of Patsy RamseyLeft his career at Boulder D.A. in September 2000 to work for Mike Bynum) [photo].

Garnett, Stanley (Former Boulder District Attorney elected in 2009). Webbsleuths forum chat page. 

Hofstrom, Pete (Asst Boulder DA, chief of the felony division and alleged Ramsey associate)

Hunter, Alex (Boulder DA from 1972-2000) [photo]. Webbsleuths forum chat page.

Kane, Michael (Deputy Boulder DA, Special Prosecutor for the Boulder Grand Jury) [photo].

Kolar, James (Investigator for Boulder District Attorney’s office from 2005-2006 and book author) [photo].

Lacy, Mary Keenan (Boulder County District Attorney from 2000-2008). Webbsleuths forum chat page.

Levin, Bruce Adams County Chief Trial Deputy

Morrisey, Mitch Denver Chief Deputy DA

Sanderson, David S. (Boulder-based criminal defense and civil rights attorney, Republican candidate for Boulder County District Attorney)

Smit, Andrew "Lou" (Retired homicide investigator hired by Hunter and Lacy) [photo]. Wikipedia.  Webbsleuths forum chat page [deceased 2010]. 

Wise, Bill (Former Chief Deputy District Attorney for Boulder County) [photo].


Boulder Grand Jury

List. A full list of 12 Grand Jury members and 5 alternates, including names, ages and professions, is here.

Bios. Brief bios of 12 Grand Jury members is here.

Photos. More information, including photos is here.

Czopek, Michelle (One of 12 Ramsey grand jurors interviewed by Lawrence Schiller on Court TV in 2006)


Forensic Experts

Bradley, Andrew  (Handwriting expert consulted with in the search for the ransom note)

Foster, Donald (Vassar College English professor and language/text analyst)

Liebman, David (Independent handwriting expert hired by Darney Hoffman)

Vacca, Donald (Handwriting expert hired by the Ramsey lawyers)

Wecht, Cyril (Criminologist hired by The Globe as a consultant and author of Who Killed JonBenet?)

Wong, Cina (Independent handwriting expert employed by Darney Hoffman to examine the ransom note) 


Principals in Other Ramsey-Related Lawsuits

Commercial Bribery Case Against Craig Lewis and Thomas C. “Doc” Miller

Austin, Michele (Ex-wife of Thomas C. “Doc” Miller, who provided information to the CBI in the commercial bribery investigation of Miller's involvement in attempted purchase of ransom note by The Globe for $30,000)

Barrett, Wally (Private investigator hired by Thomas C. "Doc" Miller’s lawyers)

Brown, Robert (Lead CBI Investigator)

Burkhalter, David (Lead Investigator for the Jefferson County District Attorney)

Cracraft, Jane (Former news reporter for the Denver Post and private investigator)

Hall, Dennis  (Chief Deputy District Attorney in Jefferson County who Lewis and Miller)

Jurden, Scott (Denver defense lawyer for Dan Recht)

Kornfeld, Rick (Denver defense lawyer for author, Thomas C “Doc” Miller)

Leidner, Chuck (Denver defense lawyer for author, Thomas C “Doc” Miller)

Lewis, Craig (Editor for tabloid magazine, The Globe)

Lolk, Catherine Murray (Private investigator)

Lozow, Gary (Denver defense lawyer for Thomas C “Doc” Miller)

Maroney, Patrick (CBI agent)

Miller, Thomas C. “Doc" (Lawyer and handwriting expert acquitted of commercial bribery charge related to attempted purchase of ransom note by The Globe for $30,000)

Pagliuca, Jeff (Denver defense lawyer for Craig Lewis)

Rapp, James and Regana (Information brokers prosecuted in Jefferson County)

Recht, Dan (Defense lawyer for The Globe)

Sawyer, Brett (Private investigator hired by The Globe) 

Shields, Peter (Lawyer for Brett Sawyer)

Smith, Larry (Lab technician at Boulder’s Photocraft)

Tidball, Jane (Jefferson County Court judge who supervised the trial against Thomas C. “Doc” Miller)


Jay Elowsky Assault Case

Haimann, Ira (Engineer for Boulder’s Specialized Engineering who was attacked with a baseball bat by Elowsky)

Martin, Jim (Former UC-Boulder Regent & friend of Elowsky who wrote to judge of Elowsky’s trial on his behalf

Schmelzer, Warren (Engineer for Boulder’s Specialized Engineering who was attacked with bat by Elowsky)

Stavely, John (Lawyer at Bynum’s Boulder law firm who represented Jay Elowsky)


Stephen Miles vs. John Ramsey, National Enquirer Libel Case

Craver, John P. (lawyer representing John Ramsey in Stephen Miles vs John Ramsey civil action).

Gray, William R. (lawyer representing John Ramsey in Stephen Miles vs John Ramsey civil action).

Miles, Stephen (a Ramsey neighbor who sued after National Enquirer claimed Ramseys had accused him of JBR's death) Webbsleuths forum chat.


John Michael Thompson (“J.T. Colfax”) Case

Rogers, Dave (Former roommate of J.T. Colfax)

Steinberg, Harvey (High profile lawyer who defended J. T. Colfax)

Thompson, John Michael (“J.T. Colfax”) (JonBenet murder suspect in 1997). Webbsleuths forum chat.


Burke Ramsey vs. Werner U. Spitz

Spitz, Werner U. (defendant, a leading forensic pathologist) 

Stewart, James (attorney representing Werner Spitz)


Charles Brennan and Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press vs. Stan Garnett

Lowenbach, Judge Robert (authorized the partial release of Grand Jury indictment documents on 10-23-2013).


Burke Ramsey vs. CBS News and Others


CBS Corporation (broadcast program on 9-18-16 and 9-19-16 that was viewed by at least 10.4 million)

Critical Content LLC (a leading global independent content studio [paragraph #34]; CBS and Critical Content jointly undertook to produce and publish the Documentary [paragraph #715].

Burke, Stanley B. (retired FBI supervisory special agent and statement analyst)

Clemente, Jim (former New York City prosecutor, retired FBI supervisory special agent, and profiler)

Fitzgerald, James R. (retired FBI supervisory special agent and forensic linguistic profiler) 

Kolar, A. James (was a police officer who was briefly employed by the Boulder District Attorney’s Office from 2004 to the Spring of 2006 [paragraph #44]; his book, Foreign Faction, formed the basis of the CBS documentary [paragraph #43]; see Books

Richards, Laura (former New Scotland Yard criminal behavioral analyst)

Lee, Henry C. (world-renowned forensic scientist and author of 2 books that discuss the case; see Books) 

Spitz, Werner U. (leading forensic pathologist) 



Abas, Bryan (reporter for Westword, a weekly Denver tabloid)

Bardach, Ann Louise (American author & journalist; wrote Vanity Fair article “Who Killed JonBenet?”)

Boyles, Peter (Denver radio talk-show host at station KHOW-AM)
Brennan, Charlie (reporter for Denver’s Rocky Mountain News; filed a lawsuit on behalf of the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press for the release of Grand Jury Indictments, and won)

Calhoun, Patricia (editor of Westword, a weekly Denver tabloid)

Dimond, Diane (television journalist and reporter, appeared in Investigation Discovery documentary, covered JonBenét Ramsey case from start to finish).

Frost, Tony (Editor-in-Chief of The Globe)

Gentile, Don  (Managing reporter for National Enquirer)

Gooding, Richard (Reporter for The Star)

Green, Chuck (Writer for the Denver Post)

Hayden, Niki (Reporter for Boulder’s Daily Camera newspaper)

Hodges, Andrew, M.D. (Psychiatrist and psycholinguist who wrote Moms Gone Bad and Who Will Speak for JonBenet?)

Karas, Beth (former New York prosecutor, appeared in Investigation Discovery documentary).

McKinley, Carol (reporter for Fox News, sued by Ramseys).

Mullins, Joe (Editor and writer for The Globe).

Schiller, Lawrence (author of Perfect Murder, Perfect Town).

Shapiro, Jeff  (reporter for The GlobeWebbsleuths forum chat

South, John (reporter for The National Enquirer).

Suma, Mary McArdle (Mame) (independent Internet reporter based in Boulder, Colorado).

Woodward, Paula (Emmy-award winning author featured in A&E documentary) [photo].



Internet Posters

  • acandyrose owner of www.acandyrose.com IS NOT Candy on CyberSleuths (see Henrietta McPhee post #35 for further details)
  • aja on JonBenet-Ramsey.com aka Justice4JonBenet on Starting Over-JonBenet = Aja Rivera, co-owner of JonBenet-Ramsey.com
  • Angel-89 on Starting Over-JonBenet and member of Graphics Team at JonBenet-Ramsey.com = Katja, from Germany,
  • ashley on Webbsleuths = Kathy Howard, Phoenix, AZ (video)
  • BobC on Forums for Justice and CyberSleuths = Bob Cooksey, video game designer (BoulderWeekly.com article).
  • cookie on Forums for Justice = Judith Phillips, wife of Tom Miller (see post 16 by Henrietta McPhee)
  • DanPride on CyberSleuths = Dan Pride, owner of KingSolomonsGate.com
  • EasyWriter on Forums for Justice= Delmar England
  • forjustice on Starting Over-JonBenet aka LindaA on Crime Library
  • grammy23 on Starting Over-JonBenet and owner of Who Killed JonBenet Ramsey (private forum)
  • Henrietta McPhee at Topix.net aka Bill Salisbury on Webbsleuths
  • jameson on Starting Over-JonBenet and Webbsleuths aka justwatching on Topix= Susan Bennett, Hickory, NC, owner of Webbsleuths (video; video transcript). A brief history about jameson has been posted by Internet poster ACandyRose
  • joejam on Starting Over JonBenet aka JamieRN on Topix (Post #711).
  • little on Forums for Justice = Peggy Lakin, author of Journey Beyond Reason, a self-published book about JBR (see post 12 by Henrietta McPhee).
  • maketoast aka SkyJustice = Brandon Havens (see post #62). A news article from August 2006 quotes Brandon at the end.
  • mame on Starting Over-JonBenet and Webbsleuths aka Nancy Drew on Topix=Mary Suma, Chicago, IL
  • Miss Marple aka DukeMan on Starting Over-JonBenet, Forums for Justice, Topix, Webbsleuths aka DocWatson and DrC on Webbsleuths=identity unknown, Chapel Hill, NC; for 35 hours in late 2004, DocWatson was thought to be posting as BlueCrab
  • oneeyedJack on Starting Over-JonBenet aka One-eyed-Jack on Webbsleuths and blog owner janescrime.blogspot.com
  • Russell on MindHunters aka knot4u2no on Starting Over-JonBenet = Russell L. Smith
  • SeekingJustice on Starting Over-JonBenet aka JusticeSeeker and Senior Staff at JonBenet-Ramsey.com
  • Semper Autumn on Starting Over-JonBenet aka Autumn on Topix.net
  • Spade on Forums for Justice = Tal Jones
  • Sprague = Richard Talfryn "Tal" Jones
  • Summer on Webbsleuths = Dawn Panosh (video; Boulder Weekly.com article).
  • The Punisher at Forums for Justice aka SuperDave at Websleuths.
  • Tricia on Forums for Justice and Websleuths = Tricia Griffith, Park City, UT, co-owner of Websleuths (video).
  • Why_Nut on Forums for Justice aka why_nut on Starting Over-JonBenet is owner of Why Nut? blog



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