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Worked for Ramsey Family

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Linda Hoffman-Pugh (Ramsey Housekeeper)

The Linda Hoffman-Pugh Theory

Linda Hoffman-Pugh, a 57-year-old housekeeper, was named as a possible suspect by the Ramseys (photo). Her husband, Mervin Pugh, was the Ramsey's handyman. The Hoffman-Pugh theory asserted that the housekeeper led a trusting JonBenét down into the basement that night in an attempt to trick her employers into leaving money for her ransom (It's possible that she could have seen John Ramsey's pay stub for $180,000 as a holiday bonus and chosen that as her demand)

  • Pugh Crew Theory. An Internet poster has suggested a "Pugh Crew" theory with Linda Hoffman-Pugh as the ringleader and including her husband Mervin Pugh and possible 1 or 2 other accomplices. 
  • On-line Discussion. See Webbsleuths.com forum chat for further discussion.  


Incriminating Evidence Against Linda Hoffman-Pugh

Linda Hoffman-Pugh had the motive (Patsy had denied her recent request for a loan of several thousand dollars); means (a key to the house, knew the house, knew JBR); and opportunity (she likely knew their schedule on Christmas night as well as their travel plans for December 26) to kill JBR. 

  • Loan RequestPatsy claimed to investigators that Hoffman-Pugh was struggling for money and had asked for a loan of several thousand dollars, which Ramsey had declined
  • No Alibi. According to Rolling Stone, Hoffman-Pugh had no alibi – she was asleep in bed while her husband allegedly slept on the couch.
  • Investigated by the BPD.  According to Rolling Stone, police showed up at the Pugh's home on the night after the murder and Linda to write the number $180,000 on a piece of paper, and reportedly took her fingerprints and several strands of her hair. 
  • Internet Posters. 
    •  The author of Sweetie Bee. Little Girl Blu The JonBenet: Inside Circle Theoryhas posted a 58 minute YouTube video on 15 lies about the case; it is clear the author strongly suspects Linda Hoffman-Pugh. Internet poster Braveheart summarized the case against Linda:
      • 1. The Pughs had black duct tape, white nylon cording.
      • 2. They had recently been in the windowless room.
      • 3. They knew of the broken window.
      • 4. They had a key to the house.
      • 5. They had access to John's payroll stubs.
      • 6. They needed money.
      • 7. They knew the Ramseys were going to Charlevoix.
      • 8. She thought the Subic Bay photo said "Subic Bay Traing Center".
      • 9. She volunteered the meaningfull information that JonBenet had an ongoing bed wetting problem.
      • 10. She knew where the knife was hidden.
      • 11. She knew where Patsy kept her paint tote.
      • 12. She thought the terms "fat cat", and "Southern common sense" were used by the family.
      • 13. Possibly an ignorant person might believe they could extort $118,000 dollars from someone without getting caught, especially if they could convince that someone not to call the authorities.
      • 14. The Pughs watched a lot of television.
      • 15. They were home together the night of the murder. 
    • Internet poster Deb (post 1207) has provided the following evidence that points towards Linda:
      • Suspicious Comment. Stated "aren't you afraid she might get kidnapped?"
      • Apparent Lie About Wine Cellar. Stated that she didn't know the cellar was there, even though they removed the trees from there.
      • Had access to the paper used for RN, so could have written it at any time.
      • Knew the backstairs were primarily used, knew the dog was gone
      • If caught in the house, could have had an excuse - wanted to drop off a gift before they left in the morning, left something behind, looking for the check, etc.
      • Told mixed stories
      • No Alibi. Home asleep in bed alone, husband slept on couch alone.
      • Per Pam, she would say weird things (i think)
      • Would have been able to get JonB downstairs because JonB trusted her and/or her husband and could have been the person who told JonB about Santa coming after Christmas.
      • Would have felt comfortable offering JonB pineapple
    • Deb (post #1828) has offered additional reasons for suspecting LHP:
      • She was supposed to work that day, but backed out.
      • Lied about why the money was needed.
      • She lied about Mrs Ramsey drawing pictures on JonnieB's hand.
      • Came up with the Barbie nightgown being stuck to the blanket which she said must have been in the dryer - hmmm,what made her think that?
      • Had a key - had access to everything
      • Knew the family very well, all their little sayings, like "southern common sense", was around the grandfather who used "fat cats"
      • Knew the dog was gone
      • Motive: Needed money
      • Knew they would be using the back staircase and which was commonly used to leave Patsy's purses to be cleaned for her.
      • She and her husband only had each other as alibis - and they did not sleep in the same room.
      • Her husband is or was an alcoholic by his appearance
      • Her daughter might fit the underwear??
      • She would know how soundly the Ramsey's slept and that they could not hear much on the 3rd floor.
      • She would feel safe if caught in the house, could say she was looking for the check, or left something there that she needed.
      • JonnieB would be feel safe going downstairs with her.
      • She stated "aren't you afraid she might be kidnapped?"
      • She knew where she hid the red knife.
      • Lied about not knowing about cellar room - they removed the trees from there.
      • $118,000 would seem like a lot of money to them, which she would have seen on his paycheck stub.
      • Changed her story about Patsy being warm & kind, to Patsy having a split personality - sweet, then angry...
      • Ransom note was first made out to Mr & Mrs R. She liked Patsy, she probably thought John was aloof.
      • She changed her stories so much as if to cover for someone.
      • She came up with the idea of Subic Bay Training Center from a picture that hang in the Ramsey's house, when actually it just said Subic Bay.
      • She knew they were leaving town, and if they needed more money, now was the time to do it.
    • TGRB Questions. Internet poster TGRB has posted a series of questions WebbSleuths that illuminates why some suspect Linda Hoffman-Pugh.


Exculpatory Evidence Favoring Linda Hoffman-Pugh

  • DNA Not a Match. The DNA found at the crime scene reportedly is of a male, so it cannot match Linda Hoffman-Pugh's.  
  • Not a Suspect by Police or Ramseys. "The Eleventh Circuit, however, affirmed the district court's decision that the defendants' [John and Patsy Ramsey] book, when considered as a whole, does not defame Ms. Hoffman-Pugh as a matter of law. Id. The court concluded that the book, when fairly read, did not convey that Ms. Hoffman-Pugh was a suspect in the murder." (Carnes 2003:80).
    • "Key to the Eleventh Circuit's analysis is the defendants' failure to ever state that Ms. Hoffman-Pugh, defendants' housekeeper, was considered to be a murder suspect by them or by the police (Carnes 2003:80).
    • According to Rolling Stone, Hoffman-Pugh was never formally accused of the crime. 
  • Ramseys Vouch for Character. "Instead, the Book [John and Patsy Ramsey's] states that, before they knew their daughter's fate, at a time when they believed her to have been kidnapped and were running through their minds people who knew JonBenet, the defendants never believed that Ms. Hoffman-Pugh would hurt their daughter even if she had kidnapped her because she was a "good, sweet person." Id. at 1226 (Carnes 2003:80-81).
  • Does Not Fit Profile. "In addition, the Eleventh Circuit notes that Ms. Hoffman-Pugh does not fit defendants' profile of the culprit detailed later in the Book, which describes a male, age 25 to 35, who is either a former convict or has been around hardened criminals, and who had access to a stun gun. Id. Finally, the court concluded that when, read in its entirety, the Book indicates that Ms. Hoffman-Pugh is not a suspect. Id. at 1227." (Carnes 2003:80-81).
  • Grand Jury TestimonyAccording to Rolling Stone, Linda testified in front of a grand jury for a total of eight hours (including a statement against Patsy that read, "I think she had multiple personalities. She'd be in a good mood and then she'd be cranky. She got into arguments with JonBenét about wearing a dress or about a friend coming over. I had never seen Patsy so upset.")  


  • Chance to Lie Averted. If Linda or Mervin were guilty, one would expect them to have provided an alibi for one another. Instead they pointedly indicated that they had slept in different rooms.


Mervin Pugh (Ramsey Handyman)

The Mervin Pugh Theory

  • Who Is Mervin Pugh? Linda Hoffman-Pugh's husband Mervin worked sometimes as a handyman for the Ramseys. So while he was not at the house as frequently as his wife, he certainly had access and keys to it and could have become familiar with the basement area in particular (he had been expected to fix the broken window in the storage room next to the train room, but it's not clear whether he was ever asked or completed the work.
  • See Webbsleuths.com forum chat for further discussion.   


Incriminating Evidence Against Mervin Pugh

  • TGRB Questions. Internet poster TGRB has posted a series of questions WebbSleuths that illuminates why some suspect Linda Hoffman-Pugh.


Exculpatory Evidence Favoring Mervin Pugh

  • Internet poster Jayelles has deduced from documents shown in the Tracey documentary that Mervin Pugh also has been cleared on DNA.


Ariana Pugh

Ariana was the daughter of Linda Hoffman-Pugh and Mervin Pugh. According to acandyrose.com, "Susan Bennett [Jameson] turned tip into Lou Smit saying she found Arriana in explicit sexual pose on Internet porno site. On the Internet, people were writing that Linda Pugh's husband, Mervin was a child abuser and her daughter was in child porno pics."  Her fingerprints were taken by BPD as she had helped out occasionally with Ramsey's cleaning. Internet poster MaskedMan claimed that Jameson's claim was completely bogus.


Geraldine Vodicka (Former Ramsey Housekeeper)

Internet poster Jameson claims that both Geraldine Vodicka and her daughter, Lorraine Lawrence (the latter found dead in Boulder just weeks before JBR) had criminal records. "Vodicka would have been able to tell people about the house, the family. And with the Ramseys in the news, with JBR in the parade and Mall programs, someone might have decided to act on a fantasy.. or two."  See acandyrose.com for further details.


Brian Scott (Ramsey Landscaper and Gardner)

The Brian Scott Theory

  • Basic information about this theory has been posted at acandyrose.com.


Incriminating Evidence Against Brian Scott 

  • In reminiscing about JBR, Scott told Schiller: "I figured her legwork was for the pageants. I could see the muscles becoming defined in her calves" (PMPT:4). This observation about a little girl's legs strikes some people as unusual. 


Nathan Inouye (Stine Baby-sitter)

The Nathan Inouye Theory

  • Who Is Nathan Inouye? In her 2000 Atlanta interviews (316:9-25; 317:1-11), Patsy indicated that Nathan was an American of Japanese descent who was a college junior or senior living with the Stines and would, on occasion look after Burke and JonBenet? He also would, on occasion, take them to school in the morning.


Incriminating Evidence Against Nathan Inouye

  • BlueCrab Theory. Internet poster Bluecrab claims Nathan Inouye should be considered a suspect.


Exculpatory Evidence Favoring Nathan Inouye

  • Alibi. However, Nathan reported in a private email being home with his family in California during Christmas 1996 and Bluecrab has offered no evidence to the contrary despite being pressed repeatedly for this information over many years.


  • Already Investigated by DA? Bruce Levin point-blank asked Patsy Ramsey in the 2000 Atlanta interviews(316:9-25; 317:1-11) for contact info on Nathan Inouye and was assured by Lin Wood this would be forthcoming.


B N Jazzy4ever45

Internet poster B N Jazzy4ever45 "confessed" to being involved in the murder. She allegedly was 14 at the time and forced by a former Ramsey handyman (unnamed) to watch while JBR was sexually assaulted and murdered. This confession was widely viewed as a hoax, but was investigated by BPD. Full details are at acandyrose.com.


BCTC Suspect (Ramsey Worker)

According to Jameson, there was a sex offender who worked for Ramseys. At some point he was at Boulder Community Treatment Center, which was located south of Pearl St. and therefore possibly may have been referred to as South Boulder Treatment Center, i.e., SBTC, which is how the RN was signed. As well, this person allegedly "lost it" after JBR killing. Full details are at acandyrose.com.


Bob Wallace (Ramsey Handyman)

Wallace and his friend put the Christmas trees into the wine cellar. Wallace put hooks up outside cellar room to hand wreaths. Wallace or his friend made the elaborate gingerbread house for the Historical Society tour '94. Did Christmas decorating. Full details are at acandyrose.com.


Bob Wallace's Friend (Ramsey Handyman)

This friend helped Bob Wallace put the Christmas trees into the wine cellar. Wallace or his friend made the elaborate gingerbread house for the Historical Society tour '94. Did Christmas decorating. Full details are at acandyrose.com. 


Other Disgruntled Ramsey Workers

  • There are some aspects of the RN that are very "personal" and appear to be directed at John, exhibiting possible resentment over his wealth. Some have posited that other workers who felt unfairly treated by the Ramseys may have had the means (a house key) and motive to lash out in revenge.
  • Jay Pettipeace. One example is Jay Pettipeace a Ramsey housepainter. Internet poster tipper has provided some reasons Pettipeace may have been upset with Ramseys.
  • Dennis Kelly. Kelly was a painter who painted the Ramsey basement in 1995 or 1996. The Ramseys were sent a letter stating this individual had a grudge towards the Ramseys. More details are at acandyrose.com.


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