The Burglar Theory

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The main idea behind this theory is connected with a burglary that went wrong.

It explains every evidence of the crime known to the author without any amount of staging in place.

It uses its own analysis of RN based on professional and amateur analysis used primarily in PDI theories.

The key aspect of this theory is an idea that the burglar had some common past with the Ramseys family. The most possibly with the father not excluding his wife.

It uses the most of evidence straightforward and can be seen not only as a theory of the crime but also as a theory explaining the idea behind the staging no matter who did it. It excludes more or less the possibility of some “tragedy” in the middle of the night hidden behind some “crazy” staging of parents.

It uses its own reasons for leaving of the RN in the house.

The weakest point of this theory is an amount of knowledge regarding plans of the Ramseys.



There are many (sub)versions and variants of this theory.

They differ in reasons of the burglary, surroundings of the “crime”.

All basic versions are directly using an idea of the burglar as a person who has committed the murder, with a possible help of some other persons not present at the crime scene.

Versions not inspected by the author of the theory are further using an idea of additional persons:


Other Burglar Theories



Personalities used in the theory are based mostly on analysis of the RN and are widened using additional evidence and information. The feedback loop analysis was used to get better understanding of the RN and evidence left in the house.

Analysis of the RN (only part of it is published):

Key characteristic of the intruder:





 There is a lot of evidence of burglary in the house.

The most important are:

This was not a typical burglary to steal some silver plates from the house


Family Back Home

At that time RN was finished, at least in one full set with additional pages used in the process. Intruder was not disturbed to the point of making tea and getting some food for himself.

Because of the flashlight left in the house he was probably surprised hearing the car and because of that, he was searching for an escape route in the basement (train room window) and some place to hide. Evidence of him hiding in the remaining part of the elevator.



He was waiting a long time to be sure everyone was sleeping. He was probably not aware of JonBenet eating something in the middle of the night, probably around midnight. See Burke in the theory.



After kidnaping of JonBenet in her pajama or nightgown he needed to dress her before going out with her. He locked the door of winecellar and went back to get some clothes for her.

He was probably walking around the house with a bat in his hand. The most probable situation is JonBenet trying to run away from a dark winecellar and him pushing her on the bat leaning against the wall or hitting her fast and strong with it to stop her.

With him unaware of a critical hit on her head, rest of evidence is connected with him raging because of her pretending to be dead and with later checkings of how severe is her condition.

After strangulation, he was moving in the basement holding her in his hands to wrap her in the blankets and hide the body.

His personality more or less excludes trying to “kidnap” the body from the house using the basement window. He could escape with the body using the door as he did at the end.


Ramseys' Morning

This theory uses a lot of analysis from PDI theories regarding the morning of Ramseys. Analysis of 911 call and interviews of parents.

The version currently in development is using an idea that parents were searching for JonBenet in the morning actively in the house. It is possible that RN was found after seeing a body of JonBenet. Taking into consideration a typical parental behavior in such situations, it can be supposed that John Ramsey was searching outside calling for JonBenet and Patsy Ramsey was searching the house.

In such situation, the alarmed neighbors could check the house in the morning and it is possible that some “evidence” of an intruder that was found is connected with 1 or even 2 neighbors checking the house at the time of finding of RN. Marks on the tree suggest someone checking JonBenet’s rooms and HI-TEC footprint can be connected with checking basement in the morning by someone.

It is very probable that enhanced 911 call is “made” using report of one of such persons.


Burke in the Theory

Because of many psychological inconsistencies in interviews, reports and official statements of many parts of the investigation this theory is using an idea (which is not approved by anyone) that Burke was very active in the middle of the night and at least some part of his activity was later told to his parents.

Because of 21 years of investigation, Author assumes Burke made a confession with everything he did in the night.

This theory uses an idea that:


This theory is still in development.

All most recently published information can be found on its homepage:



Semi reconstruction of the strangulation (no graphic pictures directly in the link)


Published information: